The New York City power pop group Lava Baby initially started out as a bond between childhood friends Robyn Celia (vocals/guitar) and Andrea Brown (drums). The two loved Blondie, the Go-Go's, and early Madonna, and decided they, too, could make it in rock & roll. They shifted their daily lives in 1998 with Celia's sister and keyboardist, Jen, and focused on catchy riffs and '80s new wave grooves. Guitarist Mark Piovanetti and bassist Tony Angerson completed the lineup in time for 2000's cheeky debut, In the Right Place. Village Voice and Billboard praised Lava Baby, but Jen Celia didn't stick around to enjoy the success. She left the band to get married shortly after its release. Angerson also departed; Jen Salzman and Peter Cole were added and Lava Baby continued its East Coast reign around small clubs. A year later, Big Muff was released. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi