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Lanae' Hale (born September 15, 1986) is a contemporary Christian artist from Florida. Her music is sometimes described as "deep pop", which is radio pop music mixed with deeper thoughtful lyrics. She has released two works: an EP, Lanae' Hale EP, in 2007 and a full-length release, Back & Forth, in 2009. Biography: Hale grew up in Titusville, Florida for most her life. Hale's music story begins in High school during a time of deep depression. She started to abuse herself through cutting. Hale continued cutting through high school, and college. She sought help from a psychiatrist, and then read Psalm 147:3. Hale then went through a recovery process with her family and friends. Since her recovery, Hale writes music based around her struggle with depression, and the freedom she feels from God that helped set her free. In 2007 Centricity Music signed Hale to a record deal and released her first EP Lanae' Hale EP. iTunes choose Hale's single from the EP, "Spring Again", as the Discovery Download in January 2008 resulting in over 100,000 downloads. In February 2009 the title track off of the title track her first feature full length album, Back & Forth was featured on the MTV show, The Hills.

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