The stirring husband-and-wife folk duo Kim & Reggie Harris combine their love of music and social vision into accomplished, heartfelt songs. Based in upstate New York, they have performed together for over 25 years, singing traditional, contemporary, and original material on albums like In the Heat of the Summer, In the Heat of the Night, and Steal Away: Music of the Underground, and in performances at the Philadelphia Folk Festival and the Smithsonian Institute. The duo is especially powerful when performing freedom songs and spirituals, but their strong songwriting skills give their original songs (which range from humorous to historical to personal to environmentally conscious) great impact as well. Musically, the Harrises draw from folk, jazz, pop, rock, and gospel. Their 1999 album Guide My Feet features many songs from and about the civil rights movement, and includes contributions from Magpie and Pete Seeger. Rock of Ages followed a year later. The duo's releases in the 2000s continued their idealistic bent: 2002's Simplicity touched on the aftermath of 9/11; 2005's Let My People Go! united Jewish and African-American artists in a celebration of freedom; 2007's Get on Board: Underground Railroad and Civil War Songs, Vol. 2 is the sequel to 1998's Steal Away: Songs of Underground Railroad. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi