Music experts have long lamented the absence of "Authentic Music inspirational music". Modern day artists have jumped on the proverbial bandwagon making music about the dollars, the drugs, murder, and the degrading of woman. 2014 has shown some progress of the genres in Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B returning with new artist like Keith Davis "The Star"
Born in Brooklyn, NY, Keith Davis is no stranger to the perils and hardships of life. Keith and his younger brother Jamaal, witnessed his Father Murder his Mother then turn the gun on himself in his child hood home at 17. This family tragedy forced Davis to turn inward for strength. He believes music became a way for him to express himself and exorcise his own pain and turmoil. Instead of shunning his roots, Davis believes in embracing everything about music that makes it universal and continues to resonate with true music lovers. “Music that really touches you always comes from a special place within,” I want to Inspire People all around the world" Davis says. He recounts going through a personal transformation in 2008 that lead to music becoming his first priority. “I felt like all of life’s tests that I had gone through and overcome personally, I needed to celebrate and share with others,” Davis says. His experiences culminated in him penning song after song, each one a personal story and triumph for Davis to share with fans. Although he had a loyal fan base, Davis’ name began to spread and the feedback was overwhelming.
Today Davis is excited about his hot new single, “Top floor” and his upcoming album. He also has a popular R&B single called "Love Song" that is available on iTunes and has been getting great reviews.