The KasshKingz (cash kingz) Fort Wayne, Indiana natives. Freakie (born Xavion Howard) and D_Rowski (born Derrick Rowland). Step in the game as Hip-Hop and Rap artists with pop appeal in 2009. What started off as just a hobby and something to do as close friends turned into something epic.
As the KasshKingz are starting to get known for the catchy hooks, punch lines and music for the clubs a.k.a club bangas. In 2012 they became more in depth with their music and fans. Working on their first official mixtape “Purple Clouds”, with hit songs such as “Imma bout to throw it”(Prod.Mannie Beats) and “Ballin”(Prod.Chad Deutsch).
As the Kasshkingz continue to work hard and stay dedicated to their music. The goal is to put Indiana on the map and be heard nationwide.