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Official Site: | @therealjwright
J. WRIGHT is a Recording artist/Producer/Songwriter and Entrepreneur hailing from Davenport, Iowa. At the youthful age of 24 years old he is ready to take on the world. Already being tagged as “One of the artist to watch for 2014 and beyond” by Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, there is no doubt that J. WRIGHT is getting ready to face the world, stand up and begin his take over!

Though some may say that “real” Hip Hop is dead, J. WRIGHT is here to simply put those naysayers on alert and prove that Hip Hop is alive and breathing. The Midwest has produced a few recognizable names in the Hip Hop community, such as Kanye West, Common, Nelly and Twista, just to name a few. Soon, Iowa will be identified beyond just a place where corn is reproduced, but also the home of the talented J. WRIGHT.

 “I am ready to share my story with the world as I continue to find myself and grow into a man,” says J.WRIGHT. “Though, my journey has been filled with ups and downs, I am still here,” he adds. Musically inspired by the likes of Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Slick Rick and Kanye West among others, J. WRIGHT continues to spread the message that you must live your life as if you will not live to see tomorrow and that you must take all chances while leaving no regrets.

As J. WRIGHT promotes his highly anticipated EP, “Closer To My Dreams 2.0”, available this now, he prepares to hit the road on promotional tour to promote the leading single “Mister Wright featuring J Rome”. The EP, Closer To My Dreams 2.0 , will include production from Young Yonny, (Trey Songz – Say Ahh), along with a collective effort of young up and coming producers from the Midwest. “I am very excited about the sound of the project , as people will hear and see me for me,” he affirms.

 When J. WRIGHT is not busy recording, producing, songwriting and further establishing his new jewelry line, he gives back to the community by dedicating his time to The Boys & Girls Club of America and the 100 Black Men of America organization. “I aspire to be a Hip Hop mogul not just known for my skills but also known for my business sense and my compassion for my community. I have a dream that I will grace the covers of Time Magazine and Black Enterprise Magazine among many others and become an owner of a NBA basketball team. So, look out Chicago Bulls, I am coming for you”, laughs J. WRIGHT.