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Official Site: | @jonstarkparty
Music is a unique bond of art that holds the world together. Through various styles and faces, almost every one can connect with another through the power of music. Singer/songwriter Jonathan Stark, hailing from Denver, CO and now based in Houston, TX, has always concentrated on truth in music. "No matter the genre you're in, strive to be truthful with your music. Most of all, be whatever way makes you feel most alive."

Creating and recording music with studio mastermind Matthew Wilcox, Stark has released multiple EP's since his start, and most recently debuted his first LP "Medicine Bow"(out on iTunes).

Brite Revolution wrote about Medicine Bow saying:
"It's definitely a relaxing variety of folk, but with some extra bells and whistles, (think along the lines of Andrew Belle or Sucre), synths, pretty piano tinklings, and noticeable authenticity behind the lyrics. In fact, you'd probably find this record located on your shelf somewhere between Neil Young's Harvest Moon, early Caedmon's Call, and even earlier Death Cab For Cutie."
-Erin Manning, Brite Revolution