John Montgomery or Jack Montgomery may refer to: Politicians: John Montgomery (MP) for Leominster (UK Parliament constituency), John Montgomery (delegate) (1722-1808), U.S. merchant, Continental Congressman for Pennsylvania, John Montgomery (Maryland politician) (1764-1828), U.S. lawyer, Congressman from Maryland, John Montgomery (shipbuilder) (1800-1867), Canadian shipbuilder, merchant and politician in New Brunswick, John Flournoy Montgomery (1878-1954), U.S. ambassador to Hungary during World War II, John Gallagher Montgomery (1805-1857), U.S. lawyer, Congressman for Pennsylvania, John M. Montgomery (1843-1895), Canadian politician from Prince Edward Island, Jack Montgomery (Louisiana politician) (born 1936), former member of the Louisiana State Senate, Others: John Montgomery (pioneer) (died 1794), U.S. pioneer in Tennessee, John Montgomery (tavern-keeper) (1788-1879), Canadian tavern-keeper in 1837 Rebellion, John Joseph Montgomery (1858-1911), U.S. pioneer in aviation, John Montgomery (equestrian) (1881-1949), American horse rider and Olympic medalist, John Michael Montgomery (born 1965), country singer, John Warwick Montgomery (born 1931), American legal academic, Jack Montgomery (actor) (born 1992), British actor, Jack C. Montgomery (1917-2002), Medal of Honor recipient, John Richard Montgomery (1934 to pressent), paediatrician and immunologist

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