Contemporary Country
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Growing up in the small southern town of Waynesboro, TN, pursuing a career as a recording artist is more of an unrealistic dream than reality for most. For Jimmy Smith, those church pageants, choir rehearsals, and school anthems may have placed him just a few steps closer to realizing his dreams.

With a strong desire to share his voice, journey, and story with the world; Smith collaborated with fellow Belmont alum, Jake Hartsfield, to produce his first album. Stay Right Here is a compilation of songs that he wrote while pursuing his undergraduate degree at Belmont University and his Master’s degree at the University of Tennessee in Nashville. Graduating in 2011 with a Master’s Degree at age 23, Smith accepted a full time position as a Licensed Masters Social Worker at a dialysis clinic in the Nashville area while pursuing his music at night and on the weekends.

Because of his intense dedication to his music, the soft-spoken southern gentleman works at his craft almost daily when he isn’t admitting, securing resources, and conducting patient assessments for the chronically ill that are blessed to be under Smith’s care. In his world, there are no days off. Music has become his hobby and outside interest. Being a health care professional by day and a musician by night, it isn’t uncommon for the lines to cross. He may show up for his writing or studio appointments still dressed in scrubs and has even shown up at the dialysis clinic wearing cowboy boots.

“I see myself as simply a page in the book, or a thread in the fabric that is country music. There are plenty of amazing artists out there like me who are looking for that one "Yes!" amidst an ocean of opposition. All I really know is that I have a heart in my chest, a story to tell, and a voice to sing it with. To find one person who appreciates this from me will be both achieving a dream and the real purpose I see for my music.”

Whether mournful on a ballad like the very personal “Broken” or passionately upbeat on a tempo tune such as “My Baby,” his performances on Stay Right Here are consistently engaging. For the debut album, the Smith/Hartsfield collaborators were able to showcase various aspects of the gifted tunesmith.

“In high school, I was kind of the class clown. My safe zone was music. I found escape from any sort of hardship or issue that I was encountering at the time with humor and music. Later, I discovered that in writing music, it was like me keeping a journal, it became the outlet of expression for me.

Influenced by artists ranging from Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, and the iconic Eagles among others...Smith hopes to infuse his own style with country’s melody and pop’s tenacity in order to communicate timeless messages of hope, courage, and love to the world.

“There’s an energy that happens live. That’s where I’m most myself. There is nothing as honest as a live performance. When I get on a stage, I feel at home. That’s where I’m comfortable. Getting to play live every night, would be a dream come true."

Since the release of Stay Right Here to iTunes, the singer-songwriter has continued his writing and playing in Nashville. 2013 is off to a very exciting start for Jimmy Smith, beginning with securing a Top 40 spot on Season 12 of American Idol. Jimmy is currently back in Nashville writing new music!