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Jack Wilson may refer to: Jack Wilson (infielder) (born 1977), Former American baseball player, Jack Wilson (boxer) (1918-1956), American boxer and Olympic medalist in 1936, Jackie Wilson (boxer) (1909-1966), American boxer, Jack Wilson (cricketer) (1921-1985), Australian cricketer, Jack Wilson (rower) (1914-1997), British rower and Olympic champion in 1948, Jack M. Wilson, President of the University of Massachusetts, Jack Wilson (jazz pianist) (1936-2007), American jazz pianist from Chicago, Jack Wilson (pianist) (1907-2006), British jazz pianist from Warwickshire, England, Jack Wilson (footballer) (1897-?), British football player, Jackie Wilson (1934-1984), American soul and R&B singer, Wovoka (1856-1932), Northern Paiute Indian prophet also known as Jack Wilson, Jack Wilson (pitcher) (1912-1995), pitcher in baseball, Jack Wilson (American football) (1917-2001), first-round pick of the Cleveland Rams in 1942, Jack Wilson (Yorkshire cricketer) (1889-1959), British cricketer, World War I pilot, and jockey, Jack L. Wilson (1936-1986), American college basketball player and high school basketball coach, Jack Wilson (Home and Away), a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away

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