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Isles & Glaciers was an American supergroup formed in 2008. The band consisted of members from Chiodos, Emarosa, Pierce the Veil, Cinematic Sunrise, The Receiving End of Sirens, Underminded, and former members of The Sound of Animals Fighting and Boys Night Out. They recorded material for their debut EP, The Hearts of Lonely People from December 3 through the 13th of 2008 in Seattle, Washington and again in April 2009. It was produced by Casey Bates, who previously produced Chiodos' second album, Bone Palace Ballet, and was released on March 9, 2010. Vocalist Craig Owens stated that the group will not be collaborating or releasing new material again. However, in an interview with Pierce the Veil and Isles & Glaciers member Vic Fuentes, the band may be releasing more material in the future. Fuentes stated "It's just like so hard to get everyone in one place at the same time, you know? But it's definitely not something we're ruling out completely. We want to do it, it's just a matter of trying to make it happen. If it can actually happen." History: Isles & Glaciers was first rumored to exist after Craig Owens, lead vocalist of D.R.U.G.S. and Chiodos , and Jonny Craig, Formerly of Dance Gavin Dance and of Emarosa, performed a show in Lexington, Kentucky on August 30, 2008.Craig Owens confirmed these rumors through his personal website on September 4, 2008, saying, "I was just talking to my brother and friend Jonny Craig. Him and I plan on hitting the studio in early December together to rock out a fun EP for everyone, also including our friends Vic Fuentes, and Nick Martin + more ?." On December 15, 2008, Alternative Press announced the project officially and released the band's final lineup. On January 18, 2009, both Craig Owens and Brian Southall premiered 3 rough demos for the upcoming EP, and took part in an interview with 89X Radio in Windsor, Canada. The songs were titled 'Clush', 'Hills Like White Elephants', and 'Empty Sighs and Wine'. The songs from the radio broadcast made it on YouTube. Isles & Glaciers played their first and only scheduled live show on March 21, 2009, which was presented by Alternative Press at Emo's Bar in Austin, Texas for a free show during SXSW. In an interview done by DJ Rossstar on Stickam, Craig Owens stated that members in the band want to perform future shows in random locations, such as Alaska. On July 17, 2009, the band posted on Twitter that the EP was now complete. On February 10, 2010 it was announced that their debut EP, titled The Hearts of Lonely People will be released on March 9, 2010. "Equal Vision Records is pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of Isles & Glaciers' EP, The Hearts Of Lonely People, on March 9th. Something of an underground "supergroup," Isles & Glaciers features Craig Owens, Vic and Mike Fuentes (Pierce the Veil), Jonny Craig (Emarosa), Matt Goddard (Chiodos), Brian Southall (The Receiving End Of Sirens, Boys Night Out), and Nick Martin (Underminded). The Hearts of Lonely People was recorded in just 10 days with Casey Bates (Chiodos, The Fall of Troy, Portugal. The Man) at his studio in Seattle, Washington. While each member is expectedly busy with their respective bands, Martin asserts that these songs weren't merely throwaways from their other projects. "We got together as friends and just did what was natural to us - we wrote and played music. Eventually it turned into songs that we were all really excited about and just wanted to share." To date, the group has only performed live once: the 2009 Alternative Press SXSW showcase. "It's not an easy task getting us all together," says Southall, who fills his time tour managing Motion City Soundtrack since his previous bands' splits, "but that doesn't mean we won't do it again." The Hearts Of Lonely People will be sold exclusively at Hot Topic stores and through all online retailers (iTunes, Rhapsody, MerchNow, ShockHound, etc)." On March 3, 2010, the band's EP, The Hearts of Lonely People, leaked on the internet. In late 2010, vocalist Craig Owens has confirmed on a Facebook comment to a fan that Isles & Glaciers was only a one time thing side project, and that they will not be releasing any more material or collaborating in any other way. In an interview in early 2011, Pierce the Veil member Vic Fuentes announced that they were not quite done with Isles & Glaciers for good. "It's kind of weird because I always talk to other members, and they're like "come on, we should do something, you know" and like we're thinking about it. It's just like so hard to get everyone in one place at the same time, you know? But it's definitely not something we're ruling out completely. We want to do it, it's just a matter of trying to make it happen. If it can actually happen." On February 21, 2011, Craig Owens wrote on Brian Southall and Nick Martin's Twitter accounts "...and people wonder why we won't do another I & G record." Nick Martin answered saying "quote sic of the day right there. Dude, no tolerance for that junk.", and Southall stated that "if this happened to you, file a report, this is unacceptable" which is believed to be in reference to Jonny Craig's Macbook scam. During an interview with rockforevernagazine, Jonny Craig was asked about Isles And Glaciers. He stated that he would "love to do another" but it can be inferred that him, Vic and Craig are not speaking after he said "everyone that supported me left". Jonny Craig also said in his AP Podcast that he was no longer Craig Owens' friend, due to his affiliation with narcotics. A remix of The Hearts of Lonely People was released on November 11, 2014. Band members: Jonny Craig - Lead vocals (2008-2010) (Slaves, former vocalist of Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa), Craig Owens - Lead vocals (2008-2010) (Chiodos, former vocalist of Cinematic Sunrise and D.R.U.G.S), Matt Goddard - Bass guitar (2008-2010) (Former bassist of Chiodos), Nick Martin - Lead guitar, backing vocals (2008-2010) ( Sleeping with Sirens, formerly of Underminded and Cinematic Sunrise and D.R.U.G.S), Brian Southall - Guitars and keyboards (2008-2010) (Boys Night Out, The Receiving End of Sirens, The Company We Keep, former member of various projects), Vic Fuentes - Lead vocals and rhythm guitar (2008-2010) (Pierce the Veil, ), Mike Fuentes - Drums, percussion (2008-2010) (Pierce the Veil and MikeyWhiskeyHands)

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