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Branding. Diversity. Cross-over appeal. The modern day music industry has transformed its business model into a format that requires emerging and established artists alike to wear many hats and hustle their way into the forefront. The days of sitting back and allowing labels to manufacture stars is over. Nobody understands the grind and intricacy of the business more than Hot Rod, one of the most exciting and innovative artists around.

This breakout star via way from Sacramento, California has blazed his own path, and taken it upon himself to rival the energy and tenacity of his label head, 50 Cent. When one pictures 50 Cent you immediately think a brand: G Unit, success, determination, and a creative spirit. It’s no small wonder that 50 signed Hot Rod when he was putting out mix tapes and demos that found its way to the hip hop mogul back in 2006.

“I was working for my brother during the real estate boom in Phoenix. He had me in training learning the ropes as a loan officer when a call came in from 50,” Rod recalls. “He asked me if I worked, and I said, Yeah, I’m actually at work right now. 50 said, ‘Quit. You don’t need to work anymore.’”

Immediately upon signing with G Unit, Hot Rod learned that just being signed to a major label was not good enough. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle with such a talented roster. You have to take it to the next level and pull your own weight. Rod decided to tour Europe and learn the dance music culture whose passion over there is only second to soccer.

There Rod was exposed to a new world and sound that has attracted the interest of notable stars like Kanye West and Rihanna. Clubs in London all the way to Berlin have embraced the hypnotic, hard-hitting, dance music formats like dub step and house. Hot Rod took notice that in the European clubs no one was sitting around bobbing their heads, they were all on the dance floors surrendering to the music.

Rod immediately went to work. He hit studios in Europe and unveiled a new sound. His own spin of urban hip hop mixed in with dance. Nowhere was it more personified than with his single, “I Like To F*ck” which immediately blew the roof off anybody’s expectations. The song leaked onto the web, went viral, and became an overnight sensation.

Hot Rod is back in the States geared up to debut his freshmen album, “My Life”, for 50 Cent’s new label, G-Note. The new label is the latest brainchild for the ever-expanding empire that G-Unit has spawned off. Music fans all know G-Unit for its gangsta sound so 50 decided to fill in the void needed to placate the emerging dance music phenomenon. Hot Rod is poised to become the flagship artist of the new label.

Hot Rod has followed the prototype of his mentor 50 and is looking to branch out into film, making his mark, and one day launching his own label. “The future holds crazy things, because in my life every night is a Friday night.” To summarize the mission: Fun times are coming....