Hell or Highwater is a hard-hitting rock band from the sunny coast of Southern California that is redefining the way rock bands operate. With no major label backing, the band is able to set their own terms and conditions to march forward full force come Hell or Highwater.

The musical influences for Hell or Highwater’s sound are drawn from an eclectic mix of genres like doo-wop, rock & roll, classic rock, punk and pop. Punchy hooks, sing-along choruses, unforgettable melodies and slicing riffs are integrated beautifully, track-after-track, on the band’s initial album ‘Begin Again,’ released August 9, 2011.

Upon first listen, newcomers can expect to be drawn into a riveting soundscape of harmonious ballads, terrorizing gut-wrenching breakdowns, all topped with relatable heartfelt lyrics that traverse the wide spectrum of human emotions to complement each song' s theme.

Hell or Highwater consists of music-veterans Brandon Saller (Atreyu) on vocals; Matt Pauling (The Confession) and Neal Tieman (MWK) on guitars; Joey Bradford (Thieves and Liars) on Bass; and Kyle Rosa rounding up the group on drums.