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Official Site: | @HauloverDrive
Born from the warm Atlantic waters of Haulover Beach, two young men shared a musical vision and a locker combination. Vocalist, Alex Corrales and guitarist Zack Smith began arranging the puzzle that is now Haulover Drive. In the wake of a few unsuccessful groups, Alex and Zack collected what valuable knowledge they could and continued forward. For many months, the two wrote some of HD's earliest compositions, mostly in Zack's VW Golf known as "The Roach" (RIP). Things quickly began taking shape with the addition of guitarist David Abad, who had seen his share of troubled musical beginnings. Also adding his amazing guitar creative riffs. "Music is about passion and self expression, not glory" stated Zack. After They met there match in heaven, there drummer Hugo with amazing chops, And a great creative mind. After only days with the gang, you can see a sophisticated group of musicians boiling under the surface; a surface of witty come-backs and inside jokes they will gladly bring you in on. You gotta love these guys! Give them a listen and keep your eyes peeled.. It's inevitable!