Glenn Dustin is the founding bass singer for the Southern Gospel quartet Legacy Five. He was with the group since its inception in 1999. On July 12, 2012, Dustin announced his resignation, effective immediately. The group hired Matt Fouch of Soul'd Out Quartet to succeed the position. Discography: Strong In The Strength (1999), Songs We Used To Sing (2000), Heritage Vol. 1 (2000), Heroes Of The Faith (2001), Heritage Vol. 2 (2002), London (2003), Live At The Palace (featuring Greater Vision)(2003), Heritage Vol. 3 (2004), Monuments (2004), Five (2004), A Little Taste Of Heaven (2005), A Cappella (2006), Celebration 2006 - Friday Night Favorites (2007), Know So Salvation (2007), A Little Christmas (2007), God's Been Good (2008), A Tribute To Roger (2009), Decade (2009), Jubilee (featuring Greater Vision and The Booth Brothers)(2009), Just Stand (2009), Jubilee Two (featuring Greater Vision and The Booth Brothers)(2010), Give The World a Smile (2010), A Wonderful Life (2011), Jubilee Three (featuring Greater Vision and The Booth Brothers)(2012), Awards: Favorite Bass Singer (2004; 2007)

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