Gary Tyrone Johnson is a singer, songwriter and entertainer with passion. He has recorded, written and produced with Grammy Award winning recording artists. Gary’s flare for entertainment extends his obvious artistic talents as a singer/songwriter and performer into the arenas of music producer, film maker, director, entrepreneur and the host of his own talk show on the Yahoo network. Gary has produced and directed music videos which have premiered worldwide on VEVO. His noticeable appearance has led to major modeling opportunities on billboards and worldwide advertisement campaigns including being the poster boy to introduce the Cingular Wireless/AT&T Treo Cell Phone, the poster model for Universal Studios ’The Earthquake Ride’, and has appeared on Dave & Buster's ads just to name a few.

Gary first tantalized fans’ ears on a national scale with the release of his 2010 “The Arrival” album. The 11 track debut was released on Island Def Jam Digital Distribution. “The Arrival”, which was written and produced by Gary Tyrone Johnson and collaborator and co-producer Warren Jackson, was re-vamped and re-released in January of 2014. On December 12, 2012, Gary released a love ballad titled “Love Must Come First”. The single is slated to be included on his 2014 album “This Is Gary”.

?Gary Tyrone Johnson is also a part of a celebrated production called “A Tribute To Marvin Gaye and The Sons of Legends”. The immense cast currently includes Marvin Gaye III, Lou Rawls Jr. and David Ruffin Jr. to name a few. Gary says, “Performing with these guys is so amazing. They truly bring the feeling of their father’s songs. “

?For the projected future, Gary is focused on releasing more great music for his fans and producing films and television programs. Gary says, “I am taking my singing as well as my acting to a higher plateau by perfecting my craft towards being a well rounded and complete entertainer.”“Performing with these guys is so amazing. They truly bring the feeling of their father’s songs."