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Official Site: | @FranciisNeptune
Jonathan Terrance Hardin, better known as Jonty, DJ Jonty, Franciis Neptune or J.Franciis is a Producer, Remixer, Live Performer, DJ Battle Champion, and DJ. He is best known for his work with in the genres of Baltimore Club and Brick City club. Jonathan grew up in a neighborhood in Neptune, NJ living with his mother and two sisters. He began working under the stage name DJ Jonty while attending Neptune High School. Jonathan experienced local success in late 2009 with his remixes and original tracks based on Baltimore Club and Brick City club styled production. After his tracks where featured on Blogs, and played by radio DJs.His first year attending college at Virginia Union University he refused to give out his produced tracks in fear of being exploited but soon changed his mind and began to pass out his tracks to local DJs in his college city of Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas. He currently has a single release with Moveltraxx of France and a release with Rouge Ent/Eartube