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Kathryn Felicia Day (born June 28, 1979) is an American actress, comedian, and writer. On TV, she has played Vi in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Holly Marten in Eureka, and currently has a recurring role as Charlie on Supernatural. She has acted in movies such as Bring It On Again and June, as well as the Internet musical Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. She is the star, writer, and producer of the original web series The Guild, a show loosely based on her life as a gamer. She also wrote and starred in the Dragon Age web series Dragon Age: Redemption. Day was a member of the board of directors of the International Academy of Web Television beginning December 2009 until the end of July 2012. Early life: Day was born in Huntsville, Alabama. She began her acting career at the age of 8 when she starred as Scout in a local production of To Kill a Mockingbird. She studied operatic singing and ballet professionally, performing at concerts and competitions nationwide. Home-schooled throughout much of her childhood, she began college at the age of 16. She was a National Merit Scholar (1995) and graduated as valedictorian of her class. An accomplished violinist, Day was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music but chose to attend the University of Texas at Austin on a full scholarship in violin performance. She double majored in mathematics and music performance. She is also an avid player of a wide variety of video game genres. Much of her work on The Guild web series was based on her personal experience with video games. Career: Early career: After graduation, Day moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. She landed several roles in various short and independent films as well as commercials and guest spots on television shows, including Undeclared and Maybe It's Me. These parts propelled her to larger roles: a part in the film Bring It On Again, the starring role in June, and a recurring guest spot as potential Slayer Vi on television's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a recurring role that is still occasionally used in that show's eighth season comic book series. In HBO's 2005 biopic of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Warm Springs, Day's singing was featured when her wheelchair-bound character serenaded a dinner group with "I Won't Dance". The Guild: Day is the creator, writer, and star of The Guild, a web series which aired from 2007 to 2013. The first season was primarily hosted on YouTube where it garnered millions of views. Its second season premiered on Microsoft's three major video channels Xbox Live, MSN Video and The Zune Marketplace after Microsoft made a deal with The Guild, allowing Day, her cast, and her crew to be paid for their work. Day also created a song and music video called "(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar", featuring the cast dressed up as their in-game personae. The final moments of the music video itself also detailed that the release date for the third season of Day's The Guild would be August 25, 2009. A second song and Bollywood style video "Game On" was released prior to the premiere of the fourth season of The Guild. A third and final music video, called "I'm the One That's Cool", features the members of the cast in the guise of an alternative band performing at a local venue, intercut with scenes of the cast as younger versions of their characters experiencing bullying at the hands of "cooler" and more popular kids while at school. The Guild has won multiple awards, including the Greenlight Award for Best Original Digital Series Production at the South by Southwest festivals, the YouTube Video Award for Best Series, the Yahoo! Video Award for Best Series, and 2009 Streamy Awards for Best Comedy Web Series, Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series, and Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series. Geek & Sundry: In March 2012, Day announced that she would be launching a premium YouTube channel, "Geek & Sundry," on April 2. Geek and Sundry took over production of The Guild for Season 6. Day hosts several shows on Geek & Sundry, most notably The Flog, Vaginal Fantasy, Felicia's Ark, and Co-Optitude (which co-star's Felicia's brother Ryon Day.) Day is a recurring guest on Wil Wheaton's Tabletop and is also billed as an executive producer for the series. In August 2014, it was announced that Geek and Sundry was to be acquired by Legendary and become part of Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Industries. with Day retaining creative control. Other work: In July 2008, Day starred as Penny in the three-part web-based musical Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (created by Joss Whedon, who also created Dollhouse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in which Day had parts). Day was featured as a patient in the episode "Not Cancer" of the medical drama House, and had a guest starring role in the sci-fi drama Dollhouse‍ '​s unaired episode "Epitaph One", as well as its series finale "Epitaph Two." In 2008, Day was featured in a series of commercials for Sears Blue Crew. She also appeared in the first of the revitalized Cheetos commercials. In the series Lie to Me, on the episode called "Tractor Man," airing December 14, 2009, Day sang a song called "White Lie" alongside Brendan Hines. Day starred with Kavan Smith in the Syfy film adaption of the Little Red Riding Hood saga, called Red, produced by Angela Mancuso. Day also played the continuing role of Dr. Holly Marten in the Syfy channel's original series, Eureka, appearing in 18 episodes during the last two seasons of the show. Day has also played the role of 'Gorgol' in the web series MyMusic directed by The Fine Brothers. Day also starred in Guild co-star Sandeep Parikh's web-series The Legend of Neil, in which she portrayed a Fairy. Day lent her voice to the character Veronica Santangelo in the video game Fallout: New Vegas. In February 2011, Day announced that she would be starring in a new web miniseries. Called Dragon Age: Redemption, it is based on the Dragon Age video games made by BioWare and aired on October 10, 2011. Day plays an elf named Tallis, and returns as the voice and model for the character in the Dragon Age II downloadable content "Mark of the Assassin." In January 2012, Day announced that she would be hosting a Google+ Hangout called Vaginal Fantasy. The Hangout features Day along with Kiala Kazebee, Veronica Belmont, and Bonnie Burton. Every month they discuss lady-leaning paranormal and historical adventure books. In February 2012, Day guest starred in Sean "Day9" Plott's online webcast featuring Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. In April 2012, it was announced that Day would host the 2012 IndieCade Awards Ceremony on October 4, 2012. On April 29, 2012, she also appeared on the YouTube show MyMusic as a Norwegian Black Metal singer named Gorgol. She guest starred in the second season of the Jane Espenson scripted web series, Husbands. In October 2012, she guest starred on The Game Station podcast and appeared in an episode of My Drunk Kitchen. Awards: In September 2008, TV Week included her in their list of Top 10 Web Video Creators. During the inaugural Streamy Awards held in Los Angeles on March 28, 2009, Day received the award for the "Best Female Actor in a Comedy" for her work as protagonist Cyd Sherman in The Guild, and won the same award again in 2010. She was also recognized for her work on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog in 2009. Day was also nominated for the Best Guest Appearance Award for the 3rd Streamy Awards. Awards and nominations for Felicia Day Year Award Show Category Work Result 2009 1st Streamy Awards Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series The Guild Won Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series (shared with the rest of the cast) Won Best Writing in a Comedy Web Series Nominated 2010 2nd Streamy Awards Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series Won Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series (shared with the rest of the cast) Nominated Best Writing in a Comedy Web Series Nominated 2012 Inaugural IAWTV Awards Best Writing (Comedy) Won Best Female Performance (Comedy) Won 2013 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards Best Writing (Non-Fiction) The Flog Won 3rd Streamy Awards Best Writing - Comedy The Guild Nominated Best Guest Appearance MyMusic Nominated Filmography: Film: Year Title Role Notes 2001 Strings 2002 They Shoot Divas, Don't They? Call Girl TV movie House Blend Pam TV movie 2003 Delusional 2003 Backslide Maddie 2004 The Mortician's Hobby Tiffany Bring It On Again Penelope June June Marie Jacobs TV movie Final Sale Felicia 2005 Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder Emily TV movie Warm Springs Eloise Hutchinson TV movie Short Story Time Felicia 2006 God's Waiting List Trixie 2007 Splitting Hairs Sugar Girl 2008 Prairie Fever Blue Dear Me Pipsy 2010 Red: Werewolf Hunter Virginia Sullivan 2011 Rock Jocks Alison 2014 Lust for Love Mary Television/Web: Year Title Role Notes 2001 Emeril Cherie Episode: "Whose Life Is It Anyway?" 2002 Maybe It's Me Cookie Episode: "The Crazy-Girl Episode" 2003 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vi Eight episodes For the People Nicole Episode: "Nexus" Undeclared Sheila Episode: "God Visits" 2004 One on One Sarah Episode: "We'll Take Manhattan" Century City Sheryl Episode: "The Haunting" Strong Medicine Jesse's Friend Episode: "Positive Results" 2005 Monk Heidi Gefsky "Mr. Monk Gets Drunk" / Episode 2006 Windfall Danielle Episodes:, "Changing Partners", "Crash Into You" Love, Inc. Natalie Episode: "Hello, Larry" 2007-2013 The Guild Cyd Sherman/Codex Web series / all episodes / Creator 2008-2010 The Legend of Neil Fairy Web series / five episodes 2008 House Apple "Not Cancer" / One episode Retarded Policeman #7.5: Fish Herself Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Penny Joss Whedon web series / all episodes 2009 Roommates Alyssa three episodes My Boys Heather One episode Dollhouse Mag Episodes:, "Epitaph One", "Epitaph Two: Return" IRrelevant Astronomy Felicia Day Episode: "Behind the Scenes: When Galaxies Collide" Lie to Me Ms. Angela Episode: "Tractor Man" Three Rivers Jeni Episode: "A Roll of the Dice" 2010 A Comicbook Orange Herself Episode: "Felicia Day & Viking" The Webventures of Justin & Alden Herself Generator Rex Annie One episode: "Operation: Wingman" 2011 Dragon Age: Redemption Tallis Writer & co-producer Generator Rex Annie One episode: "Haunted" The Big Chew Marjorie YouTube production Eureka Dr. Holly Marten 18 episodes 2012-present Supernatural Charlie Bradbury/Celeste Middleton Episodes:, 7x20: "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo", 8x11: "LARP and the Real Girl", 8x20: "Pac-Man Fever", 9x04: "Slumber Party", 10x11: "There's No Place Like Home", 10x18: "Book of the Damned" The Flog Herself Weekly vlog on Geek & Sundry Vaginal Fantasy Herself Monthly hangout on Geek & Sundry Tabletop Herself Episodes:, "Munchkin", "Elder Sign", "Last Night on Earth", "The Resistance", "Lords of Waterdeep", "Unspeakable Words", "Fortune and Glory", "Forbidden Desert", YouTube Internet series. 2012 Fish Hooks Angela Episodes:, "Send Me an Angel Fish", "Guys' Night Out", "Oscar is a Playa", "Fish Prom" MyMusic Gorgol One episode: "INVISIBLE!", YouTube Internet series. Dan Vs. The Boss One episode: "Dan vs. The Boss" The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange Ginger/Peach Episodes:, "Sir Juice Alot", "Founding Fruits", "Fruit Plane", "Girls vs. Boys" Husbands Sexy Pizza Girl Web series My Gimpy Life Felicia Two episodes: "Inspirational," "Crowded", YouTube Internet series YOMYOMF Herself One episode: "KevJumba Takes the SAT w/ Felicia Day", YouTube Internet series. The Game Station Podcast Herself One episode: "Episode 27", YouTube Internet series. Rewind YouTube Style 2012 Carly Rae Jepsen single video 2013 Felicia's Ark Herself Weekly series running from 2013-04-01 to 2013-05-13., YouTube Internet series. Co-Optitude Herself YouTube Internet series. Spellslingers Herself One episode: "Day9 vs. Felicia Day", YouTube Internet series. Outlands 84 YouTube Internet series. 2015 Con Man Assistant Webseries, Two episodes Video games: Year Title Role Other notes 2010 Rock of the Dead Mary Beth Fallout: New Vegas Veronica Santangelo 2011 Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin Tallis 2012 Guild Wars 2 Zojja 2014 Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Herself

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