Elena Vladimirovna Temnikova (Russian: Елена Владимировна Темникова, born 18 April 1985) is a Russian singer. She came to prominence as a contestant in the talent show Star Factory and as one of the three members of the Russian girl group Serebro. Career: 2003--2006: Star Factory and solo career: Temnikova started to study music when she was five years old; she was playing violin and singing in the choir. Temnikova came to media prominence as a contestant on Channel One talents show Star Factory in 2003. She was spotted by Maxim Fadeev, the main producer of Star Factory, and signed a recording contract with Fadeev's recording company Monolit Records. Although Temnikova released two disco singles, "Begi" and "Taina", she did not continue her solo career, and did not release a solo album. She instead joined Serebro, a girl group formed by Fadeev. In an interview for the magazine In Style, in February 2008, Temnikova said: "After Star Factory, Maxim Fadeev offered me a new job. He offered me to be lead singer in girl band. I decided to do it, and we together found second and third member".Olga Seryabkina and Marina Lizorkina also joined the group. 2007--2013: Serebro: Serebro -- consisting of Temnikova, Olga Seryabkina and Marina Lizorkina -- represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song "Song #1" and won the 3rd place, behind Serbia and Ukraine. After their successful performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, Serebro has rapidly become one of the most successful artists in Russia. After "Song #1", they also released number-one singles "Дыши", "Опиум" and "Скажи, не молчи". After a release delay of their debut album, Opiumroz, it was finally released on 25 April 2009, and was presented at the band's concert in Bolshoi Theatre. Serebro was supported by other musicians, including by Russian entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 Yulia Savicheva;Opiumroz was prepared for two years. Karpova, Seryabkina and Temnikova later released Serebro's second album "Mama Lover". On 15 May 2014 the official Serebro website reported that Elena had left the group due to pregnancy. She was replaced with Karpova who had left the band earlier the previous year until they find a replacement. Personal life: Raised in Kurgan, at the end of 2002 she moved to Omsk for few months and then she transferred to Moscow where Temnikova currently resides due to her professional obligations; however, she says she misses her Kurgan.Olga Seryabkina was her good friend even before Serebro. Temnikova married Star Factory contestant Alexey Semenov in 2004; they separated in 2007 and divorced a few years later. She later had a relationship with the brother of her producer. The producer made her choose between being a member of the group or being in a relationship with his brother. She chose to leave his brother and remain in the group.

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