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Dykkon IsaR.A.N.
Dykkon IsaR.A.N. is an up-and-coming hip-hop/rap mogul from Detroit. Dykkon took the name his late uncle gave him (Deacon) and changed the spelling in order to properly brand himself and set himself apart from others in the industry; IsaR.A.N, stands for “is a real ass niggah” and further enforces his street credibility. Born Deon Cornell McWilliams in Detroit in 1971, Dykkon has lived and breathed the city his entire life. He graduated from Osborn High School and has attended Wayne County Community College. While he is currently pursuing his degree in business, he first found his love for rap and hip hop lyricism in middle school.
While attending Pulaski Middle School a classmate named Rodriquez challenged him to a break dance/rap battle; Rodriquez won the dance-off so that pushed Deon to bring his “A-game” to class the next day and the rhymes he spit more than delivered. Rodriquez didn’t even prepare and luckily enough the class had a substitute that day that allowed Deon to spit his rhyme, cuss words included! The class went wild with applause and excitement after his performance and at this moment Dykkon IsaR.A.N, lyricist and MC was officially born. Dykkon laid his first track in the world famous Disc Studio/Recording Institute of Detroit studio for $20/hour at the age of 14; That same summer, he met Jason Wilson, aka DJ Mystro a local DJ who was very impressed with Dykkon’s work, so much so that they collaborated on various songs and parties at that time Deon was calling himself D-Mack Moheem.
After DJ Mystro signed a deal with DJ Los and his father Carl Butch Smalls, the team was no more, Mystro left Deon, promising to get him a deal as well; however this would not be. Dykkon’s first national exposure would come from doing back-up vocals for World One Records, while continuing to work with Mystro, providing a piano melody to his label mates though he was not allowed to lend his vocal talents to the track due to his language use. The track was later sold by Mystro to A.W.O.L., becoming a Detroit classic; however, Dykkon was never credited for his work on this track.
Since that time Dykkon has co-wrote and co-produced with Dice and other artists like Kawtion (CEO of Paypa Boi Ent). In 1995 Dykkon started Ballin’ Chain Records releasing “Jim an I” in 1997 a cassette single. Working with other artists and labels through the years, in 2005 Dykkon started his own label, Red Diamond Consortium and has since released singles such as, “Boutta Crack Dey Heads” in 2008 and “Dime Piece$” 2012 distributed by UniMo Digital Distribution(Universal Motown Republic). Dykkon has an ever growing fan base in Metro-Detroit and all his tracks receive rave reviews from those that listen. One fan commented “keep doing ya thing yo tracks fire real talk i'mma see you at the top real life.... success just around the corner” and this is one of many on various music discussion pages across the web.