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Keith Grayson (born August 14, 1966), best known as DJ Kay Slay, is an American DJ. He was referred to by the New York Times as "Hip Hop's One-Man Ministry of Insults". He has sold 350,000 copies of his two official albums. Early life: Keith Grayson was originally a prominent graffiti artist. He was featured in the 1983 hip hop documentary Style Wars. With decline of the graffiti movement in the late 1980s, Dez began dealing with narcotics and consequently ended up in jail by the late 1980s. Grayson was released from jail in 1990, and claims to have abstained from using drugs ever since. Streetsweeper albums: Kayslay released his first album, Streetsweeper Vol. 1 on 20 May 2003. In the summer of 2003, Kayslay released a single and music video of his own for a track called "Too Much For Me". It featured rapping from Baby, Nas, and Foxy Brown, and a chorus sung by then relative newcomer, Amerie. The song peaked at #53 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, making it the DJ's highest charting single to date. There were cameo appearances by Swizz Beatz, N.O.R.E., Raekwon, WC and Lloyd Banks. Although the song was not a success, its music video was aired on MTV Jams and BET. The "Too Much For Me" music video did not feature Nas (because of Nas' solo projects) or Baby; so Loon was featured instead. This replacement started a feud between Nas and Kayslay. On March 30, 2004, Kayslay's second album Streetsweeper Vol. 2 was released. Another single and video were released for "Who Gives A...Where You From" with Three 6 Mafia, which peaked at #89 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Kayslay and the song were featured on the 2004 NFL Street video game. After releasing More Than Just a DJ in 2010, Rhyme or Die is scheduled for release in 2014. The album's first two single "60 Second Assassins" featuring Busta Rhymes, Layzie Bone, Twista and Jaz-O and "The Kings of the Streets" featuring DJ Doo Wop, DJ Khaled and DJ Drama were released in 2011. In 2013, "About That Life" featuring Fabolous, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Nelly and French Montana was released as a single from Rhyme or Die. It debuted and peaked at #54 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, making it one of Kayslay's most successful singles to date. In the beginning of 2014, "Free Again" was released featuring Fat Joe and 50 Cent, which came to a surprise for some seeing as how they had beef before, but have since reconciled.

Source: Wikipedia

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