Growing up in the urban trenches of Cincinnati, Ohio before migrating to Nashville, Tennessee with a whole arsenal of rugged slickly produced tracks and hot rap lyrics. Never before has there been an explosion of such talent, like that of the rap/singing duo "Da-Enforcerz" out of the Infa-Red Inc. Records camp. The newly formed group is made up of two successful entertainers: writer, producer, singer and rapper David "DaMonsta" Lynch and dancer, choreographer, singer and rapper Christopher "Zondaflex" Tyler. Each song on "Da-Enforcerz" is distinctively different as the individual flows of its talented members. Their individual styles are what will ensure their acceptance by music lovers in every major market. The foundation of this phenomenal group is the flaming hot tracks by its producer two time Grammy Nominee and Stellar award winner David "DaMonsta" Lynch. Like a marriage made in heaven his hot tracks compliment the groups lyrics and their lyrics compliment his tracks.