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Crown the Empire is an American metalcore band formed in 2010 in Dallas, Texas. They have released one EP and one full-length album, and have toured with acts such as We Came as Romans, Pierce the Veil, Attack Attack!, Issues, Like Moths to Flames, The Color Morale, Capture the Crown, Palisades, Asking Alexandria, and The Used. History: Formation, Limitless & Signing to Rise Records (2010-2012): Crown the Empire was formed in July 2010 by Andrew Velasquez, Austin Duncan, Hayden Tree, and Brandon Hoover during their time together at Colleyville Heritage High School. The band was formed when "Brandon and Austin decided to start jamming together." The band's ultimate goal was to "be heavier than most bands in their area," while "bringing huge, poppy choruses to a genre that can become pretty stale." Originally, drummer Alex Massey filled the drumming position in the band, but he was soon replaced by their current drummer, Brent Taddie in May 2011. During 2011, the members of CTE also held an extensive search for another guitarist to join their band. They soon welcomed Bennett Vogelman (Benn Suede) to the band as the new lead guitarist. The band started recording their debut EP, Limitless, in 2011. Limitless was released on iTunes on November 29, 2011. It featured Denis Shaforostov of former Make Me Famous renown on the title track of the album and was well received by the metalcore community. On December 5, 2011 the band released a behind the scenes look at the filming for the band's upcoming music video for their song, "Voices", from their recently released EP "Limitless". During the video the band announced the release date for the music video to be on December 11. On December 11, 2011 as announced by the band premiered the music video for the song, "Voices", via their YouTube page. On December 24, 2011 the band released their cover of the classic holiday song, "Let It Snow" and are streaming it on their YouTube page. On December 31, 2011 the band released a video of the band acoustically performing the song, "Wake Me Up", from their EP, Limitless. On January 17, 2012 the band announced their first US tour with A Skylit Drive. The tour will last from March 3rd through 7th beginning in Arizona and ending in Arkansas. On March 21, 2012 the band was rumored to have been signed by Rise Records after the label posted this statement on their Facebook page, "We're announcing a new band on Friday. Here's a hint, they are from Texas!". Shortly after Crown the Empire posted a statement of their own, "Big News coming by the end of the week. Any guesses what it might be?!". On March 23, 2012 the band announced that they had in fact been signed by Rise Records in their "Viva La Rise!" video, along with the video the band released a free cover of the song, "Moves Like Jagger" in appreciation for support from their fans in helping get them signed. Second Vocalist and The Fallout (2012-2013): On April 2, 2012 the band released a teaser of new material via Facebook to give fans a taste of what they have been working on since their signing to Rise Records. On April 25 the band released another demo song on their Facebook page. The band would again release another teaser on July 29th this time with vocals present. On May 18, 2012 the band was announced to support Pierce the Veil on their two week UK tour in September after the unveiling of their third LP, Collide with the Sky. On August 26, 2012, the band announced that they have recruited an additional vocalist, David Escamilla, to share vocal responsibilities with Andy Leo. Along with the news of Escamilla joining the band, they announced that they will be heading into the studio with Joey Sturgis to begin recording their debut album. The band also announced that they would be releasing a teaser for the music video of the song, "Johnny Ringo" on September 2 and a new album coming out in November. On September 6, the band released the music video being the first release by the band with new unclean vocalist David Escamilla On August 27, 2012 the band was announced to be apart of Motionless in White's Infamous Tour beginning in early November along with fellow supporting acts Chelsea Grin, Stick to Your Guns and Upon This Dawning. On September 2, 2012 the band released the teaser they announced which revealed that the music video for "Johnny Ringo" would be released on September 16. On September 5, the band released a behind the scenes look at footage from the video shoot for "Johnny Ringo". On October 11, 2012 the band released a short studio update from their forthcoming album with an expected November release. On October 25, the band released the first single, "Makeshift Chemistry" from their upcoming album titled, "The Fallout", which is set for a November 20 release through Rise Records. On November 5, 2012 the band released a statement announcing that they would be dropping off of the Infamous Tour stating in their message that "Unfortunately we will not be on The Infamous Tour this Fall due to scheduling issues. We're sorry to all of those who were coming out to the shows to see us perform and we hope you guys still go out to the shows to see all the other great bands" also stating "We have some HUGE things in the works :)." On November 8, 2012 the band released the second song from their upcoming album, "Memories of a Broken Heart". On November 14, the band released part one of their two part extended music video beginning with the intro track, "Oh, Catastrophe". The following day the band released the second part of their extended music video with the title track of their upcoming album, "The Fallout". On November 15, 2012 the band streamed their debut album in its entirety five days before the official release of the album. January 18, 2013 Rise Records announced their Spring Tour beginning in mid April to early May with fellow acts Like Moths to Flames, The Color Morale, Palisades and My Ticket Home. On March 11, 2013 the band announced their first headling tour The Generation Tour kicking off on May 7 in Toledo, Ohio and wrapping up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on May 26 with supporting acts Capture the Crown, Palisades, Heartist and Famous Last Words. The band will also be playing South by South West Tour and then will be hitting the road in April with Like Moths to Flames. On March 23, 2013 the band was announced to be playing Warped Tour 2013 along with fellow acts The Aquabats!, Gin Wigmore, New Beat Fund, Volumes, New Empire, The Cleopatra Complex, Driver Friendly, Bangups, and The Exposed. Later that day the band released a live version of their single, "Makeshift Chemistry". The following day the band released their own Warped Tour announcement. On June 6, 2013 the band released a live version of the song, "Menace" from their debut album, The Fallout. On June 25, the band was announced to be joining Asking Alexandria on their headlining tour coinciding with the release of their new album, From Death to Destiny with fellow supporting acts Motionless in White and Upon a Burning Body. Also on June 25, the band announced that they would shooting a music video for a song from their 2012 debut album. On August 2, 2013 the band released the last single from their debut album, "Memories of a Broken Heart."' Crown The Empire will be performing at the 2014 "Vans Warped Tour" Limitless Reissue and The Resistance: Rise of The Runaways (2013-present): The band plan to release a two disc reissue of The Fallout including a rerecording of their EP, Limitless, with David Escamilla providing vocals, on December 10, 2013. On November 14, 2013 the band released a statement about the re-recording of their first EP, Limitless. The band stated that they ", we mean EVERYTHING was redone. Guitars, drums, production, vocals, etc. Andy and Dave are BOTH on it...". They also stated that the EP is in a completely different tuning. On November 28, 2013 the band released the first single from the deluxe rerelease of The Fallout, "Breaking Point". The song is a rerecording of a song from their EP, Limitless, now with Escamilla handling all the unclean vocals. On November 28, 2013, it was announced that Crown the Empire would be going back into the studio "very soon" to begin their new album, which would release sometime in 2014. It has been described as not sounding anything like the Limitless EP, nor the re-recorded version of Limitless. However, they did say that it would sound like "The Fallout on crack" with "better melodies, better riffs, better everything!" On December 17, 2013 the band was announced to be a part of Asking Alexandria's Break Down The Walls Tour taking place on March & April, they will be joined by fellow acts August Burns Red, We Came As Romans and Born of Osiris. Drummer Brent Taddie revealed that this would take place after the band was done in the studio recording their new album. In a July 2013 interview, unclean vocalist David Escamilla stated that the album, which they were then working on, would release sometime in early 2014. On January 15, 2014 it was announced by Vans Warped Tour that Crown The Empire would again be playing Warped this year. The band are also playing the Slam Dunk Festival in the UK. On February 4, 2014 reported Crown The Empire's teasing of a new song from their forthcoming sophomore LP. The site went on to clarify, "Crown The Empire entered the studio with producer Joey Sturgis (The Word Alive, Blessthefall) in January and have been recording their sophomore full-length album." No titles, song or otherwise, have been announced. Later it was confirmed that they entered the studio with Dan Korneff. On June 14, 2014 Crown the Empire played two new songs from their new album "The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways" called "Mnstr" and "Initiation" at Vans Warped Tour in San Antonio, Texas. Then On June 19, 2014 Rise Records Released the song "Initiation" on their Youtube channel and in just 12 hours the song reached 53,000 views. Musical style: Crown the Empire are self-described as a combination of metalcore, electronicore, electronica and pop that they refer to as arena rock hardcore. Their goal is to consist of "heavy breakdowns, poppy verses, and huge concert-ready choruses." Members: Current members Andrew "Andy Leo" Velasquez - lead vocals (2010-present), David Escamilla - lead vocals (2012-present), Brandon Hoover - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2010-present), Hayden Tree - bass (2010-present), Bennett "Benn Suede" Vogelman - lead guitar, backing vocals (2011-present), Brent Taddie - drums (2011-present), Former members Brandon Shroyer - bass guitar (2010), Alex Massey - drums (2010-2011), Austin Duncan - keyboards (2010-2012), Zac Johnson - unclean vocals (2011)

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license