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Crayon Pop (Hangul: 크레용팝) is a five-member South Korean girl group formed in 2012 under Chrome Entertainment. Formed in early 2012, the group consists of Geummi, Ellin, Way, Choa and Soyul. Crayon Pop debuted on 19 July 2012 with "Saturday Night" on their first stage debut on Mnet's M! Countdown. Although they debuted with Saturday Night, they had already released both the Korean and Japanese music videos for their first single "Bing Bing", followed by the release of their first EP, "The 1st Mini Album". Crayon Pop's popularity rose with the release of "Bar Bar Bar", which began to draw interest and went on to become viral due to their unique stage outfits and choreography. "Bar Bar Bar" (빠빠빠 Bba bba bba) gradually began to climb the Korean digital music charts, eventually reaching the upper positions of most major real time chart listings, including reaching number #1 on the weekly Billboard's Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for the first time after a full 6 weeks on release. On 13 August 2013, Crayon Pop's agency Chrome Entertainment signed a partnership contract with Sony Music. Sony will be involved in the publishing of Crayon Pop's future albums as well as assisting in promotional activities both at home and overseas. Crayon Pop will release their fifth single album 'Uh-ee' or 'Hey' (tentative title) on 31 March 2014, and to gear their fans up for the release, shots from the album jacket have been released. The jacket takes on a magazine pictorial type of concept showing Crayon Pop's ramie fabric outfits, a fabric often used in traditional Korean clothing. They will perform their new single during their first comeback showcase with media outlets on the 28th and public showcase at Gwanghwamun Plaza on the 29th at 7 PM KST. The music video for 'Uh-ee,' released on 1 April, hit over 1 million views in one day, featuring cameos from various artists such as Kim Chang Ryul, Bumkey, comedian Yoon Sung Ho, and boy-group K-Much. In June 2014, the group is set to open for American-singer Lady Gaga's ArtRave: The Artpop Ball concert tour in selected North American tour dates. History: Pre-debut: The group was initially named Hurricane Pop consisting of members Serang (Mari), Gum-mi (Baek Bo Ram), Ellin (Kim Min Young), Cho-a (Heo Min Jin), and So-yul (Park Hye Kyeong). Serang, a former leader of the disbanded girl group Coin Jackson, left the group shortly before their promotions started in order to pursue an acting career. Cho-a's younger twin sister, Way (Heo Min Seon), was then added to preserve the group as a quintet. The group was later renamed to Crayon Pop prior to their debut. So Yul was part of a short-lived K-Pop duo called Chic'6 Muscats before joining Crayon Pop. Way also had prior involvement in the music industry as a member of indie band N.Dolphin, she left the group when given the chance to join her sister in Crayon Pop. 2012: Debut: Crayon Pop began their promotions in Japan, using their time there to film music videos. The group released both the Korean and Japanese music videos for their single "Bing Bing" on 24 June 2012. After multiple teasers, the music video for their debut single "Saturday Night" was released on 17 July 2012. The Japanese version, as well as an alternate version of the original with new footage were released on 24 July 2012. Their first EP, "Crayon Pop 1st Mini Album", was released on 18 July 2012 which included both "Bing Bing" and "Saturday Night". The girls made their official stage debut the following day on 19 July 2012, performing "Saturday Night" on Mnet's M! Countdown. The group released their second EP "Dancing Queen" on 23 October 2012, which consisted of a new single "Dancing Queen" along with an alternative version of "Bing Bing". 2013: Success in Japan & Comeback with 'Bar Bar Bar': Returning to Japanese promotions, Crayon Pop held a mini-concert on 6 January 2013 in Shibuya, Tokyo. Tickets went on sale on 11 December 2012, and sold out in under an hour. As a result of considerable demand from fans unable to purchase tickets, Chrome Entertainment announced that another Japanese concert would be held at a later date. On 25 January 2013 Crayon Pop made their official comeback, performing a remixed version of "Bing Bing" with new choreography on KBS Music Bank before making an appearance on MBC Show! Music Core the next day. Having assured Japanese fans of another concert following their successful mini-concert in Tokyo, Chrome Entertainment staged a second mini-concert, this time in Osaka, on 22 February 2013. On 8 June 2013, Crayon Pop performed a preview version of their new song "Bar Bar Bar" (Hangul: 빠빠빠) live for the first time. A story version music video was uploaded to YouTube on 13 June before the song's digital release on 20 June 2013. Following the release of a dance version music video for "Bar Bar Bar" on 23 June 2013 Crayon Pop at first drew interest despite their unique stage outfits and choreography. It managed to stay at the top of the Billboard K-pop Hot 100 chart for over a month. As the song went viral, "Bar Bar Bar" gradually began to climb the Korean digital music charts, eventually reaching the upper positions of most major real time chart listings. "Bar Bar Bar" ranked #1 on the weekly Billboard's Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart for the first time after a full 6 weeks on release. It solidified its viral status when "a parody video of its choreography was aired on a segment of SNL Korea" in August. As of Aug 2014, "Bar Bar Bar" currently has more than 20 Million Views on YouTube. On 25 August 2013 Crayon Pop performed for the first time in the United States. The group performed the songs "Bar Bar Bar" and "Dancing Queen" at the annual convention KCON which was hosted at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena from 24-25 August 2013. A fan meetup was scheduled for their appearance at KCON '13 but was later cancelled. Despite coming from a non major company, Crayon Pop recorded their first ever win at KBS Music Bank with "Bar Bar Bar" on 30 August 2013, beating EXO's Growl. On Friday 22 November, Crayon Pop collaborated with Norwegian duo, Ylvis to perform a special stage on the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Crayon Pop later on received their first ever major award by winning the Best New Female Artist while Ylvis won the International Favorite Artist award respectively. Crayon Pop released their MV for their Christmas digital single, "Lonely Christmas" on 1 December and later on made their comeback stage at Mnet's M! Countdown on 5 December. On Tuesday 1 October and Saturday 5 October, Crayon Pop spoke in English on the UK's only radio show dedicated to Korean music, K-Pop Korner. Despite not speaking English, the group explained to host Adam Riley who they were and expressed their desire to work with One Direction. An expanded written interview was subsequently published on 2 November 2013 on UK media website, Cubed3, where the members discussed how they would love to see Psy mimic the dance from the Bar Bar Bar video, what video game they would like to be in, and various other subjects. On 3 November 2013, Crayon Pop went overseas to Sydney, Australia for a week to perform and to attend two separate fan signing events. Crayon Pop also appeared on Australia's ABC show program, "Wacky World Beaters" & the SBS program SBSPopAsia and also did a guerilla performance in front of the Sydney Opera House. Due to Crayon Pop's increasing popularity, Chrome Entertainment announced that Crayon Pop would hold its first solo concert titled "1st POPCON in Seoul". As a token of appreciation, the concert was free to attend and 100%, My Name, Bumkey and The SeeYa also appeared as special guests. The concert was successfully held on 30 October 2013. Crayon Pop held their second solo concert on 15 November 2013 at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo with over 2,000 fans, 30 media outlets, and 200 representatives in the music industry attended the concert. 2014: Collaborations, Hong Kong Fan Meeting & Comeback: On 1 February, veteran rock singer Kim Jang-hoon collaborated with Crayon Pop and released "Hero" for the "Korea Fireman Project" in dedication to firefighters who risked their lives to help others. The entire profits of the song would be donated towards charities and the families of the firefighters. Crayon Pop and Kim Jang Hoon later on held a surprise concert titled 'Cray-Hoon Pop' at the Gangnam M Stage, Seoul on 17 February, featuring a performance from Crayon Pop's fellow label mates, K-Much. Crayon Pop performed as the opening act for Hunan TV's "Lantern Festival Program" on 14 February 2014, marking their debut on a TV show in Mainland China. This was Crayon Pop's second performance in Mainland China, the first being at the 'The 23rd Qingdao International Beer Festival' in Qingdao on 9 August 2013. On 21 March, American pop star Lady Gaga announced on her Twitter account that Crayon Pop will be opening her upcoming ArtRave: The Artpop Ball in 11 cities across North America from 26 June through 22 July, along with a link to the music video of their viral hit "Bar Bar Bar". Crayon Pop will be the second Korean to perform as an opening act for Lady Gaga, the first being Lee Jung-hyun back in 2009. Due to the announcement, the group decided to postpone the release of their first full-length album, which was originally planned to be released in June. On 23 March, Crayon Pop went oversees and held their first ever fan meeting in Hong Kong, which was attended by more than 1000 fans and over 70 media outlets. Crayon Pop will be having their comeback with "UH-EE!" (tentative title: "Hey") in late March. Star News and Ilgan Sports published photos of what seems to be their jacket photo shooting. The girls are dressed from hanbok-inspired clothes, with pants drawn to their knees, sky blue skirts, and a golden band around their waist. Replacing their famous helmets will be bandanas, and they'll be wearing traditional white rubber shoes instead of heels or sneakers. Their label, Chrome Entertainment said, "We used Korean traditional clothing because of their comfort, practicality and uniqueness. The girls have been wearing modernized hanbok for their New Year's greeting and photoshoots, and they fell in love with it. They actively expressed that they wanted their stage outfit motif to be the traditional clothes." Kang Jin Woo of the producer team Dumb & Dumber behind Crayon Pop's "Dancing Queen" and "Saturday Night" created the upcoming title track instead of "Bar Bar Bar" creator Kim Yoo Min. The girls will have a showcase on the 29th and have their first comeback stage on 3 April on Mnet's 'Global M! Countdown'. Crayon Pop released a MV teaser for their fifth single album, "UH-EE!" on 23 March 2014. They later released the song on 1 April 2014. On 2 April, The song was ruled unfit for broadcast by KBS for its Japanese lyrics. Crayon Pop also released a video dance lesson for "UH-EE" on 2 April, showing the most notable points of their quirky choreography. On May 2014, Kiscover, a video discovery platform provided a dedicated streaming channel for Crayon Pop. Criticism: The group has been criticised for allegedly copying the Japanese girl group Momoiro Clover Z. Members: Stage name Birth name Birthday Romanized Hangul Romanized Hangul Gummi 금미 Baek Bo-ram 백보람 (1988-06-18) June 18, 1988 (age 26) Ellin 엘린 Kim Min-young 김민영 (1990-04-02) April 2, 1990 (age 24) Choa 초아 Heo Min-jin 허민진 (1990-07-12) July 12, 1990 (age 24) Way 웨이 Heo Min-seon 허민선 (1990-07-12) July 12, 1990 (age 24) Soyul 소율 Park Hye-kyeong 박혜경 (1991-05-15) May 15, 1991 (age 23)

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license