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Official Site: | @coolidgeweirdo
Born by Bermuda bloodline, raised in Mississippi, Coolidge shows the true definition of "unique" In his difference, he chose the name COOLIDGE (Meaning Cooling Over Obstacles Living In Dedication Greatness Everywhere). Determined to be a great recording artist, in his career, Coolidge has released several main stream projects, broadcast several radio interviews and radio singles, and conquered all of his life's dreams before the age of 25. One accomplishment in mind, being featured on with his first major mixtape project "InkLife" Hosted by Dj Ben Frank & Dj Young Shawn. But his journey did not end there. One of the singles from the mixtape "Can I Have Your Number Featuring GBoogie, Luigi Crucial, And super producer Hershey Blakk" spread amongst the southern states rapidly, filling the club scene. In early 2013, Coolidge made a career changing decision to join iGoon Cam in a movement that soon became a progressive team called YWN (Young & Wreckless). Under YWNMG, Coolidge began to climb the charts once again, making several appearances as Rank #1 for Jackson,MS on Now, the numbers arn't a concern of Coolidge. He focuses now on different sounds and mixtures for the coming year of 2014.