Christopher Jones or Chris Jones may refer to: Christopher Jones (Mayflower captain) (c. 1570-1622), English sailor, master of the Mayflower, Christopher Jones (bishop) (born 1936), Roman Catholic Bishop of Elphin, Ireland, Christopher Jones (actor) (1941-2014), American actor, Chris Jones (guitarist) (1958-2005), American musician and composer, Chris Jones (singer) (born 1985), British songwriter and singer, Christopher Jones (biologist) (born 1976), Naturalist, inventor and writer on evolutionary medicine, Chris Jones (filmmaker), British filmmaker, author, Chris Jones (politician) (born 1958), American politician in the Virginia House of Delegates, Christopher Jones (comics) (born 1969), American comic book artist, Christopher James Jones (born 1977), actor, singer, director, and writer, Chris Jones, contestant on Top Chef: Texas, Chris Braithwaite, aka 'Chris Jones' (c.1885-1944), Barbadian-born sailor and London unionist, Sports: Chris T. Jones (born 1971), former American football player, Chris Jones (cricketer) (born 1990), English cricketer, Chris Jones (1980s outfielder) (born 1957), former outfielder in Major League Baseball, 1985-1986, Chris Jones (1990s outfielder) (born 1965), former outfielder in Major League Baseball, 1991-2000, Chris Jones (rugby union) (born 1980), English rugby union footballer, Chris Jones (rugby born 1982), rugby league and rugby union player for Leeds Tykes, Chris Jones (footballer, born 1989), Welsh footballer, Chris Jones (footballer, born 1956), Jersey born England under-21 international footballer, Chris Jones (footballer, born 1945), English footballer, Chris Jones (Canadian football) (born 1982), Canadian football wide receiver, Chris Jones (Canadian football coach) (born 1967), head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League, Chris Jones (gymnast) (born 1987), British gymnast, Christopher Jones (water polo) (1886-1937), British gold medalist in the 1920 Olympics, Christopher Jones (cricketer) (born 1973), former English cricketer, Chris Jones (punter) (born 1989), American football player for the Dallas Cowboys, Chris Jones (defensive tackle) (born 1990), American football player for the New England Patriots, Chris Jones (sprinter) (born 1973), American sprint athlete, Chris Roosevelt Jones (born 1991), Liberian footballer, Software developer: Chris Jones (Access Software), co-creator of the Tex Murphy detective adventure game series, Chris Jones (game developer), founder of Obsidian Entertainment, a computer game company, Chris Jones, creator of the freeware adventure game creation tool Adventure Game Studio

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