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Official Site: | @PTprojects
Cellarscape is multi-instrumentalist Paul Terry. Weaving layered vocal harmonies through an eclectic blend of fragile/anthemic guitars, hypnotic orchestrations, and angular beats/percussion, Cellarscape songs bristle with a cinematic presence, echoing Paul's sideline in film scores. These include the 13-time award-winning 'The Furred Man' (which received its UK TV premiere on Channel 4), and forthcoming drama 'Emily' starring Felicity Jones and Christopher Eccleston.

Cellarscape has received international press and airplay since the debut 'Copilot' EP in 2006, including the likes of:

"Like Porcupine Tree or OSI, mesmerizing stuff. Hypnotically majestic."
(The Ripple Effect, USA)
"A diverse range of soundscapes creating a palette of aural delight."
(Big Cheese Magazine, UK)
"Unique music that sounds like an entire symphony."
(Keys & Chords, Belgium)
"Impeccable songwriting. A symphony for today’s music lover."
(Awesome Radio, Australia)

With fifth record 'The Act Of Letting Go' out later in 2013 – plus, soundtracks for horror film 'Care' and drama 'Emily' – it's business as usual, with Paul Terry's music staying as eclectic as ever. When Paul isn't making music, he is a writer. He co-authored (with Tara Bennett) the official 'LOST Encyclopedia' and 'Fringe: September's Notebook' for the hit Bad Robot TV shows.