Cellarscape is multi-instrumentalist Paul Terry (combining guitar riffs, homemade samples, strings, and vocal harmonies). Cellarscape songs' cinematic vibe echoes Paul's sideline in film scores. These include the 15-time award-winning The Furred Man, and Academy Award nominee Felicity Jones' drama Emily (also starring Christopher Eccleston). International press and airplay since the 2006 Cellarscape debut Copilot, includes:
"Like Porcupine Tree or OSI, mesmerizing stuff. Hypnotically majestic."
(The Ripple Effect, USA)
"A diverse range of soundscapes creating a palette of aural delight."
(Big Cheese Magazine, UK)
"Unique music that sounds like an entire symphony."
(Keys & Chords, Belgium)
"Impeccable songwriting. A symphony for today’s music lover."
(Awesome Radio, Australia)