The Black-eyed Snakes is an American blues rock band from Duluth, Minnesota. Since releasing their debut album "It's the Black-eyed Snakes" in 2001, the band has toured the U.S. with Charlie Parr. Front man Alan Sparhawk also performs with Low and Retribution Gospel Choir. The Black-eyed Snakes often perform at the Homegrown Music Festival in Duluth, Minnesota. Black-eyed Snakes was selected by City Pages as the Best New Band of 2001. Their attitude towards the blues is summed up by Sparhawk: "We actually hate most blues. We were trying to destroy it. We're interested in putting the blues back into a gut level -- instead of talent, we go with feeling more. Lineup: Alan Sparhawk-- guitar, vocals, Bob Olson-- guitar, Brad Nelson-- drums, Justin Sparhawk-- percussion, Bryan "Lefty" Johnson-- percussion

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