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Bikey (Nnabike Okaro) is a singer, record producer and song writer. He generally classifies his type of music as Hip-Pop. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria Big Bikey started his career in music performing at shows and concerts in the late 90’s, Bikey moved to the United States in 2001 to study and has kept it hot in Cleveland since. Bikey’s love for producing music for himself has now paved the way for him to share his beats and begin collaborating on tracks with other artists including his current collaborators Dapper AJ and Alyce.

He picked up music again in 2008 and got the passion back while remixing tunes and working as a hype man at the clubs getting the crowd pumped. 2011 is the year Bikey is hitting it hard, banging out the tracks The Wonderer, AntiGravity and No Shaking (all available on iTunes). Making hip hop, pop, dance and all around feel good ‘thank god the weekend is here’ beats Bikey is doing what he does best.
Growing up in Nigeria, Bikey was listening to Bobby Brown, MC Hammer, Michael Jackson, WuTang, Barry White, Biggie, Tupac, Dr Dre, Bel Biv Devoe and Jay Z. His musical tastes now differ from hard hip hop- Kanye West- to jazz and Enya. This diversity in musical tastes shows in the music he produces. You can’t put his music in a box because he makes what he feels and he thinks people are into. His desire to make music comes from wanting to make people happy and forget about their problems.
Bikey has been interested in music from a young age, remembering when he wrote a song and performed it for his mother and sisters at about the age of 7, although his sisters laughed at their younger brother his mother loved it and encouraged him to follow music and keep improving. He went on to teach himself the piano and can play the African drums, its obvious that music runs through his blood.
His motto of ‘anything worth doing is worth doing well’ you can expect big things from Big Bikey! With a personal style and flow of laid back and a powerful attitude teamed with upbeat and party beats, its hard not to bop along to the catchy tunes. Bikey writes song for himself because he needs to let it out, but when he writes the songs he allows us to let it all out too.. bring on the weekend!
You can find Bikey and his beats on iTunes (keyword- Bikey) or become a fan of the big guy on Facebook, otherwise he will be coming for you at a club near you!

Tracks: No Shaking - available on iTunes
The Wonderer- available on iTunes
Dancing Girl- - available on iTunes
Cleveland We Go Hard- feat. Dapper AJ (Brooklyn We go Hard- Jay Z & Santigold) Heartless- feat. Pa J & Dapper AJ (Heartless- Kanye West)

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