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Formed in Athens, Georgia, in 1999 by singer Curtis Brown and drummer Scott Nutt, Bad Wizard soon migrated north to New York City, where they would eventually add guitarist Eddie Lynch and bassist Marc Tanner to their lineup. Boasting a high-energy hard rock sound combining AC/DC's bombast and the MC5's manic hyperactivity with traces of Southern rock, the band's electrifying debut album, Free and Easy, was released by independent Tee Pee Records in 2001. Tina Gorin (ex-Helldorado) was later added on slide guitar and a new rhythm section (bassist Pat and drummer Ron) sat in for 2002's Sophisticated Mouth -- a far less memorable, and probably rushed, sophomore outing that nevertheless saw Bad Wizard making a name for themselves as one of New York's hardest-working live combos. Album number three, entitled #1 Tonite!, arrived two years later through the band's new label, Howler Records, and showed some improvement, as well as new bassist Brett Falcon and Scott Nutt back behind the kit. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, Rovi