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Bittersweet lyrics marry indie rock and pop influences giving birth to Autumn High. Hailing out of South Louisiana, this girl-fronted four-piece produces a unique take on modern indie music.

“With its female lead singer, prominent use of harmonies and the refined sound often linked to indie pop rock groups of its ilk, Autumn High doesn’t shy away from producing a mainstream commercial sound. But the band manages to blur that line despite similarities, and it’s foolhardy to dismiss the group as pandering when surveying the local music scene. In Houma, it’s against the grain.” – Eric Besson, the Gumbo

Formed in 2009, the band consists of singer and pianist Beth White, guitarist Kenneth Kreamer, bassist Sam White, and drummer Caleb White. After playing consistently around their native gulf region, the band released the debut EP entitled “Tabula Rasa” with Kreamer supplying most of the lead vocals. But as the group became more solid and experienced, a new sound emerged.

Revealing her sweet yet powerful voice, Beth’s vocals are now the essence of Autumn High. With a whole new line of songs written, the band recently released two singles with music videos showcasing the fresh sound. Still playing shows, writing songs, and working on a new album, Autumn High will never stop bringing the jams to their hungry fans.