Angeline may refer to: Contents 1 People, 2 Places, 3 Books, 4 Music 4.1 Songs, , 5 See also, People: Princess Angeline (ca. 1820-1896), born Kikisoblu, daughter of Chief Seattle, Angeline Stickney (1830-1892), American suffragist, abolitionist, and mathematician, Angeline Barrette, (1896-2007), Canadian supercentenarian, Mary Angeline Teresa McCrory, née Bridget Teresa McCrory (1893-1984), Roman Catholic nun and advocate for the impoverished elderly, Angelines Fernández (1922-1994), Spanish-born actress of Mexican film and television, Angeline Kalinowski, (d. 1958) victim of Our Lady of the Angels School fire in Chicago, Angeline Greensill (b. 1948), Māori political rights campaigner, academic and leader, Angeline Malik, Pakistani director and actress., Angelyne, Hollywood billboard model, Angeline Ball (b. 1969), Irish actress, Angeline Narayan, Australian Idol contestant, Places: Angeline Falls, waterfall in King County, Washington, USA, St Angeline, submersible research centre in the Atlantic Ocean, Books: Angeline, novella by Émile Zola published in 1898, Angeline Fowl, fictional character from the Artemis Fowl series, Angeline series, a book series written by Louis Sachar, Someday Angeline, a children's novel by Louis Sachar, Music: Angeline Entertainment, a Canadian record label and marketing consultation company, Angeline Quinto (album), an album by Filipino singer Angeline Quinto, Songs: "Angeline" (Groove Coverage song), a song by Groove Coverage, "Angeline" (Sean Hogan song), a song by Sean Hogan, "Angeline", song by Alan David (singer), David, Martin 1978, "Angeline", song by The Allman Brothers Band, Dickie Betts, Lawler, Johnny Cobb 1980, "Angeline", song by The Commuters, Hunter, Irving 1979, "Angeline", song by Dave Cartwright, written by Dave Cartwright 1973, "Angeline", song by David Houston (singer), T. Franks, M. Kilgore 1963, "Angeline", song by Jerry Naylor, B. Clifford 1969, "Angeline", song by John Martyn 1986, "Angeline", song by Mundo Earwood 1974, "Angeline", song by New World (band) 1970, "Angeline", song by Sugar 'N' Spice Canada 1970, "Angeline", song by Tom Browne (trumpeter) 1983, "Angeline", song by Warm Sounds 1967

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