Andru Donalds (born 16 November 1974) is a Jamaican musician and vocalist with a previous solo career, who is now working in collaboration with the Enigma project as lead vocalist. Donalds had a hit single in America in 1995 with Mishale, which reached #38 on the Billboard Hot 100. Biography: Andru Donalds was born in Kingston, Jamaica. His musical style ranges from pop, rock and roll, to reggae and ballads. His influences include The Beatles, Prince, Bob Marley, Queen, Michael Jackson & Black Uhuru. Solo career: Upon leaving school at the age of 18 Donalds travelled to England, the Netherlands and New York, in order to develop his musical abilities as singer and songwriter. He met the producer and songwriter Eric Foster White, who had hits with stars such as Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Jessica Simpson, Julio Iglesias, Backstreet Boys, Regina Belle, Hi-Five and Boyzone. Together they produced the debut album Andru Donalds. The two singles from this - Mishale and Save Me Now - became successful worldwide. His second album Damned, If I Don't was published two years later in 1997. The song Somebody's Baby was taken from this for the soundtrack of the Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting. In April 1998 Donalds received a call from producer and songwriter Michael Cretu, who wanted to engage him for the Enigma project. The outcome was that they collaborated not only on Enigma songs but also on two solo albums. His third album Snowin' Under My Skin included two singles: All Out of Love, a cover version of the Air Supply song which achieved international platinum status, and Simple Obsession. Let's Talk About It, his fourth album, featured the single One Night Lover. Five years after his last solo album, Donalds released a "best of" album in 2006. It included five new songs, of which Dreamer and Let The Stars Fall Down were released as singles. Enigma: Since 1999 Donalds has been one of the lead singers in Enigma, Cretu's music project which has sold over 50 million records worldwide, received more than 100 platinum and gold awards and took over 50 #1 chart positions. He has performed in Enigma songs such as: Seven Lives, Modern Crusaders, The Screen Behind The Mirror, Boum-Boum, In The Shadow, In The Light, Hello And Welcome (soundtrack for the Felix Sturm's box). He also co-wrote and performed Je t'aime Till My Dying Day and Distorted Love. Other collaborations: In 2005 Donalds co-produced and performed the song And I Feel for the soundtrack of the German film Barefoot / Barfuß, starring and directed by Til Schweiger. In 2005 he co-operated with the Ukrainian singer Evgenia Vlasova. Their songs Limbo & Wind Of Hope gained airplay on Slavic radio stations. Donalds also wrote a song for Sandra, the former wife of Cretu: The Way I Am, the lead single from her The Art of Love album released in 2007. Solo albums: Year Title 1994 Andru Donalds 1995 Andru Donalds (limited edition) 1997 Damned If I Don't 1997 Damned If I Don't (limited edition) 1999 Snowin' Under My Skin 2001 Let's Talk About It 2006 Best Of 2011 Trouble In Paradise (15 April 2011) Singles: Year Title 1994 Mishale 1994 Save Me Now (radio only) 1995 Tryin' To Tell Ya 1995 Mishale (remix) 1998 Beautiful Friday 1998 (Still) Lovin' You 1999 All Out Of Love 1999 Simple Obsession 2000 Precious Little Diamond 2000 (I'm Not Your) One Night Lover 2001 Hurts To Be In Love 2001 Someday 2005 Limbo (radio only) 2006 Wind Of Hope (radio only) 2006 Dreamer 2006 Let The Stars Fall Down 2007 AD07 (EP) 2009 Stop The Pain (by Sly&Robbie / Taxi Records) 2010 Marble Eyes 2011 Falling Down 2012 Serenade (by Sly&Robbie / Taxi Records) 20142 Life (with Aboutblank feat. KLC) |} "Enigma" lead vocals: Other than "Love Sensuality Devotion" not even a single track in listing is performed by Donalds. Year Title 2000 The Screen Behind The Mirror (album) 2001 Love Sensuality Devotion (Greatest Hits) 2003 Voyageur (album) 2004 Boum-Boum (single) 2005 15 Years After (box set) 2005 Hello And Welcome (single) 2006 A Posteriori (album) 2008 Seven Lives (single) 2008 Seven Lives Many Faces (album) Soundtracks: Donalds' work has featured on the soundtracks of two films. Year Title 1997 Good Will Hunting 2005 Barfuss (Barefoot) Сollaboration with Eugenia Vlasova: Albums Year Title 2006 Wind of Hope (album) Covers: Donalds' songs have been covered by other artists include: Mishale - covered by Tranx-Mission, 4Play and Marianna Gerasimidou, Ruth Ann Boyle covered Just for One Day (I'd Die for You) on her album What About Us., Songs that have been covered by Donalds include: Jackson Browne's Somebody's Baby, Led Zeppelin's D'yer Mak'er, Sinéad O'Connor's Thank You, Air Supply's All Out Of Love, Aerosmith's Dream On, Cretu & Thiers' Snowing Under My Skin, Fox The Fox' Precious Little Diamond, Gino Vanelli's Hurts To Be In Love, Also there's another co-writer's version: Kari Kimmel Dreamer released on the album A Life In The Day

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