Born in Brooklyn New York, Raised in Brownsville projects, Anastasia Came from Humble beginnings. Growing up in the ghetto was extremely Challenging; she still managed to over come many obstacles and unfair stereotypes. In eighth grade Anastasia wrote a poem called "I'm Not stupid, Retarded, or Dumb" and it was published in the teachers anthology book of 2000. Fall of 2004 Anastasia attended Sheepshead bay High school for performing arts. n 2009 Anastasia graduated from Suny Old Westbury College Anastasia begin to write rhymes shortly after that. Singing and Rapping had always been Anastasia's passion but she was determined to get her B.A degree because her family encourage her to further her education. later that year she became a Social Studies teacher for the middle school that she had graduated from. Anastasia insisted on "giving back to her community" In 2011 Anastasia started taking Music seriously and decided to work on an album; she released her First single "No Title" on iTunes and the video on World Star Hip hop. Being the Ambitious, hard working person that she is, in 2012 she "grinded" her way to" Africa, lagos Nigeria for several shows and interviews. November of 2012 Anastasia release her Independent album "My Exit" on itunes. February of 2013 she launched her clothing line "B.I.T.E Clothing". This line was inspired by one of her favorite rappers Fabolous. February of 2014, Anastasia, being business savvy and talented traveled to London to network and release her single "Love Identity". With her hustlers spirit, sex appeal, and steady drive, she remains an unsigned independent artist that is working to expand her music and working toward being world wide. Though she is very "self made" and talented, she remains humble and focused.