Amazing Transparent Man was a pop punk band on the Springman Records label from 1997 to 2004. They hailed from DeKalb, Illinois. The original members were Rick Muermann (guitar & vocals), Tony D'Amato (guitar & vocals), Brad Riverdahl (drums) and Casey Sons (bass guitar). Casey left the band shortly after their first album and bass guitar duties were subsequently shared by Rick and Tony as ATM became a 3 piece for the rest of their career. Their signature style for quite a while included pink shorts and white tank tops. The band once served milk and cookies to all audience members in attendance at their CD release show for their 2nd full length album "The Measure of All Things" at the popular Cabaret Metro in Chicago. They underwent a couple of member changes throughout the years and eventually released 4 full length albums, an e.p. of cover songs by popular female artists and appeared on countless compilation cd's from the late 90's through 2004. The final line-up included: Rick Muermann (guitar/bass/vocals), Tony D'Amato (guitar/bass/vocals), and, Chris Johnson (drums).

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