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Lush orchestral electro-pop, untethered jazz, supple melodies and lyrics that interject impressionistic twists into traditional song structures: Alphanaut is the musical collective created by songwriter-performer Mark Alan and Little Sun is the newest Alphanaut full-length release.

Across a spectrum of styles, Alan’s intimate narratives and lyrical confessionals frame the artful soundscapes. An interest in a wide range of expressive forms is a Mark Alan trademark. Growing up in dairy country near Seattle, he absorbed pop and rock from his dad’s collection of ELO, Santana and Neil Diamond, but was also intrigued by jazz and the cryptic trilling of Chinese Opera. First playing with rock groups in his hometown, he relocated to Los Angeles and formed the band November which evolved through constant cast changes, struggling to create music outside the post-grunge mainstream.

With Alphanaut, a name inspired by a cult Seventies British sci fi show called Space: 1999, Alan created a debut EP The Lunar Age and the full-length Out of Orbit, both appreciated for their dreamy textures and revitalized synth pop flourishes. Little Sun advances and expands on this framework, adding an emotional authenticity and a skillful cast of supportive players.