Alan Jones may refer to: Alan Jones (architect) (born 1964), Ulster architect, Alan Jones (cinematographer), cinematographer active 1984-1996, see Love Is All There Is, Alan Jones (cricketer) (born 1938), Welsh cricketer, Alan Jones (cricketer, born 1957), former Welsh cricketer, Alan Jones (footballer born 1945), Welsh footballer, Alan Jones (footballer born 1951), English footballer, Alan Jones (racing driver) (born 1946), Australian racing driver and Formula One World Champion 1980, Alan Jones (priest) (born 1940), former Dean of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, Alan Jones (radio broadcaster) (born 1941), Australian radio broadcaster and former rugby (league and union) coach, Alan A. Jones (1944-2006), American chemistry professor, Alan Wayne Jones, researcher and writer on the subject of human physiology relating to alcohol consumption, Alan W. Jones U.S. Army general in WWII, see Losheim Gap, Alan Jones (diplomat), former British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone and Belize

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