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Ada, ADA, or A.D.A. may refer to: Contents 1 Food, 2 People, 3 Places, 4 Literature, film, music, and the arts, 5 Politics and government, 6 Science and engineering, 7 See also, Food: Ada (food), traditional Kerala delicacy, People: Ada (name), feminine given name (and list of people with the name), St. Ada, 7th-century French abbess, Ada, Countess of Atholl (died 1264), Ada, Countess of Holland, Ada de Warenne, Countess of Northumbria and Huntingdon (died 1178), Ada of Caria, satrap deposed by her brother Idrieus and restored by Alexander the Great, Ada, sister of Charlemagne, for whom the Ada Gospels at Trier were produced, Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace) (1815-1852), English mathematician and writer, Places: Croatia Ada, Croatia, village in Croatia, municipality Šodolovci, Vukovar-Syrmia County, Ghana Ada, Ghana, or Ada Foah, Ada (Ghana parliament constituency), Iran Ada, Iran, a village in West Azerbaijan Province, Nigeria Ada, Delta, Isoka town in Delta State, New Zealand Ada River, South Island, Serbia Ada (Serbia), town and municipality, Tanzania Ada Estate, luxury residential suburb of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Turkey Ada, Karaman, a village in the central district (Karaman) of Karaman Province, Turkey, United States Ada, Alabama, unincorporated community in Montgomery County, Alabama, Ada County, Idaho, Ada Township, Dickey County, North Dakota, Ada Township, Michigan, Kent County, Michigan, Ada Township, Perkins County, South Dakota, Perkins County, South Dakota, Ada, Minnesota, Norman County, Minnesota, Ada, Ohio, Hardin County, Ohio, Ada, Oklahoma, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, Ada, Oregon, Lane County, Oregon, Ada, West Virginia, Mercer County, West Virginia, Ada, Wisconsin, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Literature, film, music, and the arts: Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle, 1969 novel by Vladimir Nabokov, Alternative Distribution Alliance, music distributor owned by Warner Music Group, Television and film Ada TV, broadcasts in both satellite and terrestrial in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ada (film), 1961 film by Daniel Mann, ADA...A Way of Life, 2008 Bollywood musical by Tanvir Ahmed, Ada (dog actor), dog that played Colin on the sitcom Spaced, Video games Ada (Castlevania), character in Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, Ada Wong, character in the Resident Evil franchise, ADA, character in Zone of the Enders, Politics and government: Aeronautical Development Agency, agency of India's Ministry of Defence, Air Defense Artillery Branch (United States Army), Amazon Development Agency, development agency in Brazil, American Decency Association, American political organization advocating against pornography and "indecent" media, Americans for Democratic Action, American liberal political advocacy organization, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, U.S. law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability, Amigos dos Amigos, drug cartel in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Angehöriger der Armee, or AdA, member of the Swiss Armed Forces, Anti-Deficiency Act, U.S. law that prohibits the federal government from incurring debts not authorized by Congress, Anti-Dumping Agreement, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) about anti-competitive dumping pricing practices, Assistant District Attorney, US government attorney position, Austrian Development Agency, development aid agency, Australian Digital Alliance, copyright advocacy group, Association of Drainage Authorities, membership body for those involved in water level management in the United Kingdom, Science and engineering: ADA collider, the first electron-positron collider, Adenosine deaminase enzyme, Analog-to-digital converter/Digital-to-analog converter, seen as ADA or A/DA, conversion occurring in some electronic devices, often musical, Adangme language's ISO 639-2 code, Advanced Distribution Automation, the extension of intelligent control over an electrical power grid, After the Development of Agriculture, A.D.A., system of counting years, like Anno Domini and Anno Mundi, Ada (food), Indian food made with rice, coconut powder mix, and sugar, Ada (ship), wooden Ketch, wrecked near Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, USS Little Ada (1864), steamer captured by the Union Navy during the American Civil War, Astronomy 523 Ada, minor planet orbiting the Sun, Biology Ada (orchid), genus of orchids, Ada aurantiaca, species of orchid and the type species of its genus, Ada keiliana, species of orchid, Computer science Ada (programming language), programming language based on Pascal, Ada (computer virus), Apple Design Awards, Enzymes, etc. Adenosine deaminase, enzyme involved in purine metabolism, Ada (protein), enzyme induced by treatment of bacterial cells, Ada regulon, one of the Escherichia coli adaptive response proteins, Meteorology Cyclone Ada (disambiguation), two tropical cyclones named Ada, Scientific and medical organizations AdA (physics) or Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (National Institute for Nuclear Physics), Italy, American Dental Association, American Diabetes Association, American Dietetic Association, Air travel Ada Air, regional airline based in Tirana, Albania, Ada International Airport or Saipan International Airport, Saipan Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Aerolínea de Antioquia, Colombian Airline, Airline Deregulation Act, 1978 US bill removing governmental control from commercial aviation, Adana Şakirpaşa Airport's IATA code

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