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    Get Fans
    Our television, editorial, and social networks drive millions of fans to the artist pages. Grow your fanbase by putting your content where music fans already are.
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    Wanna see your video on TV? Got a track you want to premiere? Have a song perfect to soundtrack one of our shows? Your page is the official gateway to make that happen.
    Make Money
    Use your artist banner to send your fans wherever you make money. And soon, you’ll be able to drive transactions right on your page: Collect tips, sell merch, tickets, and access powerful analytics.
    How do I begin?
    Claim or create your artist page
    Find your page and claim it now. If we don’t yet have one for you, create your page and we’ll plug you into our network of +1 million artists and +60 million music fans.
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    We’ve partnered with Topspin to make managing your account easy. Simply sync your social accounts and upload your media. You can choose which songs, videos, and photos you want to publish to your page.
    Tell us what you think
    We made this for you and work hard every day to make it better. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. If you need help, simply send us an e-mail.