Trans Awareness Week

I Identify As Gender-Fluid -- Here's What That Means

"Everyone always asks which gender I identify as, and I just answer with a simple, 'Why not both?'"

What I Want You To Know During Transgender Awareness Week

"Although we have come very far and accomplished very amazing milestones, there is still a long, hard road for the transgender community."

As A Young Trans Man, I Still Don’t See Myself In TV Shows Or Movies -- But I’m No Longer Waiting To

"I, like many activists, do what I do because seeing someone like myself as a kid would have made life a lot easier."

It’s Trans Awareness Week! Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Here's everything you need to know about Transgender Awareness Week, which is November 14-20.

I'm Genderqueer — Please Stop Asking Me When I'm 'Really' Going To Transition

Like so many genderqueer people, my transition has not been from one gender identity to 'the other.'

To The People Who Say 'Enough With The Transgender Stories Already' -- Here's Why They (And Mine) Matter

"Trans narratives are all different. There is no 'one answer' to creating awareness of trans identities."

What It's Like To Be A Trans Man In The Yoga Community

I fell in love with yoga around the time that I came out, a combination that rescued me from feeling lost and alone.