Run's House

About Run's House Season 4

Whose house? Run's House! Welcome back to the house that hip-hop built, held together by the faith of the one and only Rev Run. Yup, season 4 of Run's House is here, and the Simmons family will once again open their home to MTV's cameras. This season, the whole family -- Run, Justine, Vanessa, Angela, JoJo, Diggy and Russy -- is back under one roof, and what they experience together will change their lives forever. Rev Run and his wife, Justine, continue to teach their kids to celebrate success and endure pain with their unique outlook on life. You'll once again find yourself laughing at their everyday lives and household hijinks. The past three seasons of Run's House has brought you the often-hilarious struggles of Rev Run, who has tried to strike a balance between being a father, a reverend and an icon while keeping America's first family of hip-hop securely grounded. From homework and sex education to a Las Vegas wedding and Run's oldest daughter, Vanessa, appearing half-naked in Maxim magazine, the family has proven it's able to laugh at itself, and we laughed along with them. While season 2 of Run's House ended with the family looking forward to welcoming a new baby to the household, season 3 began with the unexpected loss of Rev Run and Justine's newborn, Victoria Anne Simmons. Even in the face of such a tragedy, Run insisted that the cameras keep rolling, believing that his family's heartbreak could inspire others in their times of need. Run, Justine and the rest of the Simmons family carried on despite their pain. During season 3 of Run's House, JoJo learned to drive, Russy learned the value of money, Vanessa and Angela launched their own line of shoes, Rev Run donned a gorilla suit and Justine continued to heal. Plus, Vanessa got the acting role she had been dreaming of and JoJo prepared to go to college. But the biggest news of all was that Run and Justine decided they wanted to adopt a baby. And with change comes responsibility, bringing us to season 4 of the beloved reality show. Season 4 of Run's House finds the family at the beginning of a summer full of surprises. Rev Run's daughters are anxious to fly the coop and move to Los Angeles, while Run and Justine prepare their home for a possible new addition to the family. JoJo is graduating from high school and on a quest for a record label deal, Diggy is starting to like girls and Russy is growing up fast. But when circumstances pull Angela and Vanessa from their New York City apartment, they land back at Run's House for the summer, and Rev Run knows this could be the last time his entire family is under one roof. Last season, the Simmons clan had a year of extreme highs and lows, and now Rev Run hopes they can enjoy some of their best times together. During season 4, the family will get some news that will change their lives forever, making way for a new beginning and a very different family dynamic. No matter what happens, though, get ready for another hilarious and touching season of Run?s House.