The Challenge: Rivals
Season 21

About The Challenge: Rivals

Can you trust your worst enemy? That is the question that twenty-eight vicious competitors will be asking themselves this season as they travel to the lush jungles of Costa Rica to compete in a thrilling new Challenge: Rivals. These fan favorites will receive the shock of their lives when they learn that their one and only teammate will be their biggest rival! In order to win, these arch-enemies must figure out how to overcome their rocky pasts and compete together for a jaw-dropping grand prize. Over $300,000 is at stake, and these bitter rivals will fight tooth and nail in order to get their hands on a cut of the cash! However, not every rival pair will make it to the end to fight for a share of the wealth. Teams will live in fear of "The Jungle" -- a mentally and physically exhausting elimination round. Avoiding the dreaded "Jungle" will mean that these bitter enemies must learn to work together, despite their ugly pasts, in order to win challenges. Here's how it works: there will be male challenge days and female challenge days. After each challenge, the winning duo will be safe from "The Jungle." However, ranks will be thinned as the last place pair will automatically be sent into "The Jungle." Their opponents will be selected by their peers in a public forum. These two unlucky teams will battle it out in "The Jungle" for survival. The winning pair will stay in the game to pursue their dreams of victory. The losing pair, however, will be sent home in disgrace. Only the pairs that make it to the end will have a chance at the money. With over $300,000 on the line, these players must quickly learn to bury the hatchet with their rival or risk losing a shot at the cash. Old tensions will arise and new feuds will form. Partnerships will be tested, romances will blossom, hearts will be broken, and punches will be thrown, as battles rage both on and off the playing field. And in a shocking, mid-season twist, players will be sent over 3,000 miles away to a new location! Those who manage to survive until the end will compete in what is undeniably the biggest, baddest, most treacherous finale in Challenge history -- where one male team and one female team will win it all and be crowned champions of Rivals.