MTV Movie Awards: 1997 Highlights

One of many times that Jim Carrey totally lost it, 'Scream' got Best Movie, Mike Myers hosts and even Chewbacca shows up for the fun.


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Mike Myers celebrates his first MTV Movie Awards hosting gig with a joyful 'Riverdance' and a bottle of peroxide.

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Riverdancer Mike Myers appears to be in the process of raising the roof during the opening ceremony of the 1997 MTV Movie Awards.

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Though not nominated in '97, frequent winner Alicia Silverstone shows up just to make us look good.

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Jim Carrey completely loses his mind as he wins Best Comedic Performance for his role in The Cable Guy.

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Raising an eyebrow, Jim Carrey hams it up to accept Best Comedic Performance for The Cable Guy.

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Well on his way to being named biggest stud ever, Matthew McConaughey accepts the Golden Popcorn for Best Breakthrough Performance in A Time To Kill.

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You can't see her right now, but we swear that Will Smith is accepting the award for Best Kiss with Vivica A. Fox, who he apparently kissed REALLY well in Independence Day.

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En Vogue take a seat to better express the sentiment of their hit song, "Whatever."

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Supervillain Jim Carrey locks lips with superbabe Alicia Silverstone as he accepts Best Villain for The Cable Guy.

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Is he evil or hysterical? With Cable Guy-star Jim Carrey it's never easy to tell.

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Host Mike Myers doesn't even have to talk to be funny.

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Deep breaths... Ashley Judd and Bill Bellamy make everybody feel ugly as they present the award for Best On-Screen Duo.

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Go! Now! Go! Claire Danes accepts the glorious Golden Popcorn for Best Female Performance in William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.

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"Who wrote your songs Diddy?" "He did!" We kid, we kid. The great Diddy, still a small-timer, graces our stage with his showstopping presence.

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