Always flexing its talent-making muscles, the 1986 MTV VMAs features appearances by then up-and-comers, Jay Leno, Aimee Mann, Robin Williams, Madonna, A-Ha and Bobcat Goldthwait.


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09.05.86, New York: The loveable MTV VJ Martha Quinn hosts the 1986 Video Music Awards.

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09.05.86, New York: Then an up and coming comedian, Jay Leno rides his motorcycle out onstage to present an award.

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09.05.86, New York: Aimee Mann returns with ‘Til Tuesday after their 1985 Best New Artist win, to perform their latest song.

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09.05.86, New York: Grunting Police Academy cadet Bobcat Goldthwait brings the crazy to the stage when he presents at the ’86 VMAs.

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09.05.86, New York: Still best known as Mork (hence the beret?), Robin Williams gives us the eye as he presents an award at the 1986 VMAs.

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09.05.86, New York: MTV VJ Mark Goodman presents Tina Turner with the Best Stage Performance Moonman for “It’s Only Love,” a collaboration with Bryan Adams.

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09.05.86, New York: Rock ‘n roll rugrat Dweezil Zappa pays homage to an array of big-haired artists at the 1986 VMAs.

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09.05.86, New York: Van Halen perform live at Radio City Music Hall with Sammy Hagar, long before the days of digital cameras.

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09.05.86, New York: Whitney Houston, a striking new talent, basks in the glow of her Best Female Video win for “How Will I Know?”

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Madonna performs "Like a Virgin" at the 1984 VMAs

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The Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan performs at the 1994 VMAs

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09.05.86, New York: Madonna and her appropriately platinum hair are honored with 1986’s Video Vanguard Moonman.

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09.05.86, New York: Robert Palmer's ‘addiction to love’ earns him a Best Male Video Moonman at the 1986 VMAs.

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