MTV Movie Awards: 1999 Highlights

Lisa Kudrow has the distinct pleasure of giving almost every bucket of Golden Popcorn to 'There's Something About Mary.' Will Smith performs.


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Our perfect hand twin Lisa Kudrow makes one hilarious hostess.

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"Dear Mom and Dad..." Adam Sandler goes into great detail thanking his parents for conceiving him as he wins Best Comedic Performance for The Waterboy.

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Everyone in the crowd puts on reading glasses to get a better look at Ben Stiller frenching Puffy The Dog as they celebrate their Best Fight win for There's Something About Mary.

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Buried in an oversized hat, Will Smith performs the title song from his 1999 blockbuster, Wild Wild West.

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Jim Carrey gets all far out to accept the Golden Popcorn for Best Male Performance in The Truman Show.

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Kate Hudson and Dylan McDermott present the award for Best Male Breakthrough Performance.

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James "The Beek" Van Der Beek is the coolest actor ever. That's probably why he won Best Male Breakthrough for his heart-stopping performance in Varsity Blues.

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While Jennifer Lopez is in the bathroom, her better half Ben Affleck plants one on Clerks-director Kevin Smith, just before presenting Best New Filmmaker.

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Action movie odd couple Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan win Best On-Screen Duo for Rush Hour.

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Man in uniform Robbie Williams skips the pond to perform his hit "Millenium."

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Guy Ritchie wins Madonna and Best New Filmmaker for directing instant cult classic, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

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Star Wars stars Samuel L. Jackson and Jake Lloyd stop by the podium on their way to the bar and present the award for Best Villain.

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Katie Holmes bookends the Beek by winning Best Female Breakthrough Performance for her role in Disturbing Behavior.

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Before he was one of the most famous guys ever, Jon Stewart joined goth hottie Rose McGowan in presenting Best Fight.

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Director and avid blower-upper Michael Bay wins Best Action Sequence for Armageddon.

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Whether a host, a nominee, a presenter or a seat filler, There's Something About Mary-star Ben Stiller is always a winner in our book.

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Bobby and Peter Farrelly don't look overwhelmingly happy to be winning Best Movie for There's Something About Mary.

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