MTV Movie Awards: 2003 Highlights

Justin Timberlake and Seann William Scott (yes, Stifler) host and '8 Mile' and 'LOTR: Two Towers' win. Watch for t.A.T.u.'s racy segment.


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Justin Timberlake tries to figure out where he knows Seann William Scott from as he dances around in his shiny pajamas.

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X-Men stars Hugh Jackman and Famke Janssen look like nordic sculptures as they present the award for Female Breakthrough Performance.

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Turns out that it's true that if you get the reputation of being easy, it'll follow you to the grave. Just ask Adrien Brody when he's done frenching Queen Latifah.

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Reinforcing his monopoly on all of music in the summer of '03, 50 Cent brings "In Da Club" to the people live and obviously they go completely mental.

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50 Cent's best friend just can't believe how popular they are. Look at his face! He's dumbfounded. 50's too busy rapping about Shorty's birthday to notice.

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Don't tell him we said it, but that's totally a bionic leg, right? Is that how 50 Cent rhymes so tough? Here he is, still performing "In Da Club."

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It would probably be better if we left the caption for this smoking hot photo of My Best Friend's Girl-star Kate Hudson up to you, the reader.

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In the process of presenting the Golden Popcorn for Best Comedic Performance, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith shamelessly promote their upcoming movie Bad Boys 2.

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Is that Jennifer Garner? Looks like her... but the expression is very Pod People... Anyway, here's "Jennifer Garner" accepting the Popcorn for Best Breakthrough Female in Daredevil.

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P!nk's wardrobe might be malfunctioning - hard to say for sure - but it's definitely not impeding her performance of "Feel Good Time."

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P!nk tries to figure out if her backup dancer is real during a performance of "Feel Good Time." She is.

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P!nk's license plate is totally inappropriate.

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Victoria and David Beckham come all the way from space to present a giant gargoyle to nobody.

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Many years after her Vampire victory and definitely all-growns-up, Kirsten Dunst beams as she accepts Best Female Performance for Spider-Man. She also wins Best Kiss.

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Demi Moore "forgets" that it's a felony to open Eminem's mail. He forgives her when he finds out he's won Best Male Performance for "8 Mile."

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After what went on in American Pie, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs are way too nervous to make eye contact as they present the award for Best On-Screen Team.

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Sean Astin checks for Elijah Wood's heartbeat to make sure that the shock of winning Best On-Screen Team for Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers hasn't killed his little buddy.

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t.A.T.u. perform at what we assume is a totally normal birthday party for girls in college. Right?

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Undercover scientists Beyoncé Knowles and Johnny Knoxville present the award for Breakthrough Performance Male from their machine room.

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Keanu Reeves' beard presents the Golden Popcorn for Best Movie. Sorry to ruin it, but the winner is Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Just thought you should know.

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Chris Kattan, dressed here as a giant Best Movie envelope, usually gets the last laugh.

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Sean Astin responds to chants of "Rudy" by looking skyward as he, Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood accept Best Movie honors for Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (told you).

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