Best Costumes At The Movie & TV Awards

Who says award shows are all about high fashion? We've collected the most memorable outfits worn by celebs from past Movie & TV Awards.


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Donning a fake muscle suit, 2014 host Conan O'Brien bares chiseled "abs," proving he is more than capable of taking home the trophy for Best Shirtless Performance.

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During an impromtu "best bottomless" competition, Seth Rogan and Danny McBride drop trou to reveal an unsightly mound of hair and a padlocked chastity belt while presenting Best Shirtless at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

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Taylor Lautner wears a fake beer belly to conceal his trademark washboard abs as he accepts the award for Best Shirtless Performance at the 2013 show.

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Rebel Wilson takes the stage in her authentic "Iron Man-gina" suit to say good night to the audience at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

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06.03.2012: "Magic Mike" star Joe Manganiello saunters onstage in a sexy fireman outfit to present the award for Best On Screen Transformation.


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06.05.2011: Thanks to chroma key technology, Jim Carrey rocks a suit full of projected images (including this intimate moment between two pups) while introducing Foo Fighters.


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06.06.2010: Swagger coach Aziz 'Taavon' Ansari accepts Zach Galifianakis' Popcorn for Best Comedic Performance.


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06.06.2010: Ken Jeong, in a very revealing tiger-striped onesie, and Ed Helms, dressed as a cloud, perform a touching musical number that asks "What do tigers dream of?."


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06.06.2010: Tom Cruise, as epic producer Les Grossman, two-steps into character as he drops it low with Jennifer Lopez.


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05.31.2009: Brüno makes an entrance wearing an assless warrior skirt shortly before deciding to make a surprise landing on Eminem's face.

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06.01.2008: Megan Fox gets more than she bargained for while presenting the award for Best Kiss with Rainn Wilson, clad only in a strategically-placed teddy bear

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06.01.2008: Kevin James, a solid friend, helps Rob Schneider stage glide in all gold everything.

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06.03.2006: Shake n' Bake! Pals Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. step out of their racecars and onto the stage to present Best Comedic Performance.

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06.03.2006: Jim 'Almighty' Carrey graces the stage in all white to accept the Generation Award with some angelic friends.

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06.08.2006: Gnarls Barkley and a team of musically inclined clone Stormtroopers perform "Crazy" draped in Star Wars threads.

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06.04.2005: Eminem performs "Ass Like That" with a few bodacious backup dancers.

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06.05.2004: Things get a little tangled when Kirsten Dunst and her favorite superhero present Best Movie. Tobey Maguire isn't under that mask, it's Ellen DeGeneres.

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05.31.2003: Award exposé! Justin Timberlake has a few questions for co-host Seann William Scott.

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05.31.2003: It may look like a Sponge Bob sighting, but it's Chris Kattan dressed up as a giant envelope to present Best Movie.

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06.03.2000: Host Sarah Jessica Parker is known for rocking lavish accessories, but this life size addition is a bold choice.

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06.03.2000: Seth Green gets a patriotic lift thanks to his bare-all T-shirt.

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06.05.1999: Jim Carrey looks dazed and confused while accepting his Golden Popcorn for Best Male Performance in a groovy hippie getup.

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06.05.1999: Will Smith takes the stage in a cowboy getup for a "Wild Wild West" hoedown.

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06.05.1999: Jedi Jake Lloyd throws back to his Star Wars roots while presenting the award for Best Villain with Samuel L. Jackson.

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06.08.1996: Host Ben Stiller takes note from "Mission Impossible" as he drops into the Movie Awards stage.

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