Hosted by an international panel of MTV VJs, the 1987 VMAs are dominated by Peter Gabriel who wins a staggering nine Moonmen. Other winners include Talking Heads, U2 and Madonna.


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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: Dweezil Zappa shares a moment with 1987 Video Music Awards hostess, "Downtown" Julie Brown.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: Almost 15 years before American Idol took over the world, Paula Abdul accepts the Best Choreography Moonman for Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” video.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: Twice-nominated Cyndi Lauper telepathically fires her hairdresser, onstage at the 1987 Video Music Awards.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: MTV VJ Carolyne Heldman lends a hand as an announcer at the 1987 Video Music Awards.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: MTV Europe’s Marcel Vanthilt interviews jazz legend Herbie Hancock at the famous Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: MTV Japan VJ Michael Tomioka interviews "Weird Al" Yankovic, fresh off a North American tour opening for The Monkees.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: As MTV Australia VJ Richard Wilkins takes his turn at the mic, it becomes clear that he’s all business in the front, a party in the back and a zebra on the shoulders.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: Seeing as Aliens hit theaters in 1986, it’s safe to assume that it came out on video in 1987. On an unrelated note, Cyndi Lauper performs a heart-felt rendition of "True Colors" at the ’87 VMAs.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: Dashiki shakin’ Randee of the Redwoods, who later ran for President, finds solace with his MTV.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: By the looks of them, the bad boys of Poison escaped from an industrial-sized clothes dryer just in time to present an award at the 1987 VMAs.

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9.11.1987, Los Angeles: Peter Gabriel, who is apparently more comfortable backstage, accepts the MTV Video Vanguard Award for 1987.

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