Dana Carvey steps in to fill Arsenio Hall's giant hosting shoes on a night of legendary performances from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N' Roses (with Elton John!) and Nirvana.


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09.09.92, Los Angeles: Dana Carvey opens 1992's festivities with a prudent message from President George Bush (the first one!), proving that politics and rock 'n roll really do mix.

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09.09.92, Los Angeles: Mike Myers' head is so bloated from the outrageous success of Wayne's World that it has to appear at the VMAs without his body. Garth does not look happy.

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09.09.92, Los Angeles: Flea does a celebratory dance on the podium as the Red Hot Chili Peppers take Breakthrough Video honors for “Give It Away.”

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09.09.92, Los Angeles: Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers brings a crowd onstage to liven up the band's performance of "Give it Away."

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09.09.92, Los Angeles: Axl Rose greets the audience as he, Slash and the rest of Guns N' Roses receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Moonman.

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09.09.92, Los Angeles: Howard Stern's Fartman flames it, blames it and descends from heaven to present a Moonman in all his cheeky glory.

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09.09.92, Los Angeles: A Michael Jackson impersonator accepts Nirvana's Best Alternative Video Moonman, claiming he has resigned his role as King of Pop to become the "King of Grunge."

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09.09.92, Los Angeles: Host and SNL alum, Dana Carvey, presents the show's epic finale.

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