This Pretend-Victim Orchestrated Her Very Own 'Catfish' Episode

Apparently, Hundra was 'really' hungry for her 15 minutes of fame.

People will do the craziest things to get on television. The proof: Tonight's episode of “Catfish.”

With Max away working on "We Are Your Friends," Nev teamed up with rapper/actor Machine Gun Kelly to tackle the case of Hundra, a Haitian girl who first met her online crush Emily through Facebook. The two had formed a strong bond, with Emily making Hundra feel like it was okay to love whomever she wanted. But soon, red flags began to appear: Emily went out of town suddenly, she asked Hundra to send money to a “cousin” to fix E’s car, she only sent H three photos total, she deactivated her Facebook account and she texted Hundra from five different numbers.

Nev and MGK quickly discovered that one of the phone numbers was associated with someone named Geralyn. At this point, the untruths began to grow more complicated. Read on to learn more about the sticky web of lies:

Geralyn's photographs featured a woman who looked just like Emily

When the online sleuths tracked down Geralyn's real Facebook page, they discovered she didn't resemble the photos she'd sent to Hundra. Even worse, in some of the pics, she was snuggling up to another girl and -- gasp! -- THAT woman looked like Emily.

Emily = Melanie

So who was the woman in the photos that Geralyn was passing off as Emily? Apparently, her former flame Melanie. During an in-person meeting with Nev and MGK, Melanie revealed that she had dated Geralyn, and their relationship had ended on somewhat turbulent terms.

Why did Geralyn use Melanie's photographs?

After Melanie set up a meeting, Nev, MGK, Hundra and M confronted Geralyn at her home. She admitted that she and Melanie were once engaged (she even had “Melanie” tattooed on her neck) and that she catfished with Melanie’s photos to spite her ex-fianceé. Geralyn even said she developed real feelings for Hundra. Hundra, on the other hand, stated she was not attracted to Geralyn.

A total curveball Nev and MGK did NOT see coming

Geralyn later asked Nev and MGK to come over to her home without the other girls. Once they arrived, she told them that Hundra asked her and Melanie to play along with the entire catfish story so Hundra could get on the show. In fact, Geralyn and Melanie didn't even really know Hundra. But why the elaborate scheme?

Hundra's true intentions are revealed

Hundra made several strange comments throughout the episode that made us wonder if her intentions were pure. For one, she claimed that lesbian women try to turn straight women gay. Then, she seemed disgusted with Geralyn’s androgynous appearance. But when it was finally revealed that she concocted this plan and tricked the sleuths in order to come out in grand style on TV, we shouldn't have been surprised.

Wow! What did you think of Hundra’s actions? Do you think Geralyn and Melanie share any blame for what happened? Leave a comment, and don’t miss the next episode of "Catfish" on Wednesday at 10/9c.

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